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Security Measures You Can Take to Reduce Employee Theft

For many retail business owners, each day is filled with worries. Do you have the right employees? Are customers going to buy your products? Is your competition better than you? But one thing that all stores worry about is the theft of their investment. Many times when businesses are looking to cut costs, one of […]

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Use Your Landscaping to Help Secure Your Home or Business

Your home or office’s landscaping can do a lot for the outdoor aesthetics of the property, but what is it doing for the security and safety of your house or building? There are several things you can do to make your home or office look great while helping deter burglars in the process. Install outdoor […]

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How leveraging CheckVideo technology can create business efficiencies

In a business world where technology is constantly changing and driving the way we conduct our daily operations, it’s no surprise that security solutions are helping business owners of all sizes and industries leverage those same capabilities. Select Security has partnered with CheckVideo to offer businesses solutions to help them overcome a variety of challenges […]

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The Value of Your Security Sign

Everywhere you go, every neighborhood your drive through, every business you pass by, you see various signs indicating the home or business is protected by a security company. While your security system is the most important factor in keeping your home or business secure, your security sign can add an additional layer of security. In […]

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Benefits of Redundant Monitoring

Did you know that fewer than 20% of all companies own and operate their own monitoring centers? And what’s even rarer is to have multiple redundant ones like we do. Sure that sounds impressive, but what does it mean to you as a customer? Redundant monitoring ensures our customers have the reliability, safety, and security […]

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