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Access control is one of many layers of business security from Select Security

medical-building-employeeWith all of the medical records, pharmaceutical supplies, and expensive equipment in our building, we knew we needed to invest in a solid access control business security solution. Knowing we could rely on Select Security’s team to guide us through the decision making process made our choice easy.

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We were tired of changing our locks

store-employeesOur employees were constantly losing their keys, which cost us time and money, having a locksmith replace our locks and keys. The electronic access control solutions from Select Security gives us the ability to add and delete people’s access without having to change locks.

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We wanted the convenience of electronic locks…

office-building-doorBut we didn’t want the trouble of managing our many users, or hardware. That’s why we chose to go with a managed access control security system from Select Security. It gives us the freedom to add and delete users quickly, without the need for costly on-site servers.

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On-site guards were costing us too much money.

Rather than deal with the costly expense of on-site guards, and the headaches that come with managing 24-hour services, we made the decision to use remote guarding video surveillance from Select Security.


By replacing our guards with a network of cameras, we are able to benefit from lower costs, and added security.

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Our security cameras are always on.

We rely on our video surveillance system to work, providing us with a visual record of who is in our building.


Video network health monitoring gives us a head-up notice when something goes wrong with our security camera system, reducing our downtime.

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No one likes to be woken up because of a false alarm.

With managed video from Select Security, we no longer have to.


At the first sign of trouble, their video monitoring specialists are able to look into our store remotely, to see the cause of the alarm. And with their inside look, they are able to provides the police with more information, which can result in a faster response.

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My kids are always forgetting to turn off the lights.

I don’t have to worry about wasting electricity with my Select Security SmartHome automated security system.


We use the built in home automation to turn off the lights and lower the thermostat when no one is home, saving us money. It even learns our patterns, and offers additional energy saving opportunities.

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My Select SmartHome makes me look smart.

With our old security system, we would often forget to use it. Not anymore.


Our Select SmartHome security system uses geolocation to remind us when we’ve left home and forgot to arm the system… or lock the front door.

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We rely on our fire sprinklers to protect our business.

facotry-foremanThe Select Fire Protection group has been there for us from the beginning.


They designed our system to work with our building and needs, making updates as we’ve grown, and test our system often to make sure it is still functioning correctly.

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One company that does it all.

school-sprinklerWe love that Select Security has a division dedicated solely to fire sprinkler systems because everything is coordinated through one company.


If we ever need our sprinkler system, we know we can count on it working properly, thanks to the team at Select Fire Protection and their regular inspections.

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We count on our fire alarm always working.

That’s why we rely on Select Security to regularly inspect and test our fire alarm system. Their customer care team knows our building and requirements, and saves us time and headaches by scheduling the  inspections around our needs.

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Code requirements can be confusing.

office-fire-alarmBut we didn’t have to worry about meeting national and local rules because our fire alarm system was designed by the engineers at Select Security.


With their experience and knowledge, it was easy to make sure our system met the requirements and worked with our needs.

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Our fire alarm protects more than our students.

school-hallwayNot only are we charged with keeping our students and employees safe, but we also act as stewards for community assets.


Our Select Security fire alarm protects the investment our community has made in making sure our school has the resources we need.

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A security system for us is a must.

medical-practiceNot only do we have sensitive medical records to protect, but also our valuable equipment and pharmaceutical stock.


Our Select Security representative worked with us to make sure all areas of our business are protected, and helped us understand risks we didn’t even know about.

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We share a building with several other companies

office-buildingWhich is why we were concerned about the constant stream of unknown people entering after hours.


Thanks to our Select Security business security system, our office is always being monitored for unwanted activity.

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Our business depends on our inventory

jewelry-storeAs you can imagine, jewelry stores like ours are hot targets for criminals, which is why a Select Security system was not only essential to our peace of mind, but also required by our insurance provider.

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We are not home often.

at-airportThis is our second home, and while we like to visit as much as we can, a lot of the time it is empty. We needed a second home security system that we could monitor from anywhere.


We chose to have a Select Security home system installed because it allows us to keep an eye on our investment from wherever we are.

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My kids are often home alone.

girl-home-alone My kids are old enough to be home alone after school and during the summer, but I still worry about them.


Our Select Security home alarm system lets me know when they leave for school, and arrive home, by sending notices directly to my cell phones.

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We were worried about crime

small-familyOur neighborhood is nice, but we still had worries.


That’s why we called Select Security, and asked about a home security system. During our free security review, we learned how to we can protect against, and prevent,  criminals from breaking into our home.

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We’re setting a higher standard for reliable security and outstanding customer service.

Voted Installer of the Year? Check. Listed on the Fortune 5000? Yes. UL listed and FM approved for reliability? Absolutely.

We’re proud of our trophies and accolades, but what really drives us is our mission to provide the communities where we live with exceptional security and life safety solutions and our outstanding customer care. Our approach to how we build customer relationships is one of the reasons why we win awards, and why our customers are more loyal and rate Select Security higher than the industry average. In fact, nine out of 10 current customers say they would recommend us to those who matter the most… their own friends and family. Plus, our 90-day service and installation promises provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing we back up our work with a money-back guarantee.

To see how we stack up against the competition, be sure to download our free “Questions to Ask When Choosing a Security Company” guide.

  • I literally just had my new system installed this morning. The tech was very knowledgeable & nice. He even waited patiently for me to get up from my drunkin state from the previous evening (Happy New Everyone). I am truly enjoying the upgrades. I haven't received my 1st bill yet but I'll be comparing that with my who knows. I might be upgrading my review to 5 stars.

    Chuck Harper Jr Avatar
    Chuck Harper Jr

    Dave helped us upgrade our system. He was patient and diligent with his work. His passion for this company is very apparent. He walked me through every step of our new system and made sure I was comfortable and practiced before leaving. I would highly recommend this system to any family or friends and their technicians with Select Security make the process so easy (especially Dave).

    Megan Stevens Avatar
    Megan Stevens

    Robert was awesome! He took the time to change my batteries in my door. Made sure my panel and alarm app was communicating properly. Was very pleasant to discuss my system with. We had issues with my app and system and we worked together to find the answers. Having technicians like him are another reason we keep our business with Select Security!

    Paige Ferriss-Humphrey Avatar
    Paige Ferriss-Humphrey
  • Great company to work with. Upgraded our old system to the newest technology. The installation technicians were courteous, knowledgeable and friendly. They had everything set up in no time and were thorough and patient in explaining how to use the panel, app and key fob.

    Stephanie Cox Avatar
    Stephanie Cox

    Mark Edwards (the installer) was GREAT. Did a great job of making sure everything was done right and looked great. Highly recommended. Thanks

    Donald Blakely Avatar
    Donald Blakely

    The gentleman that installed the equipment in my home was very professional excellent and friendly you could not have asked for a better person to come to your home! He was also very knowledgeable! The gentleman's name was Mark Edwards and he has great customer service something that is very lacking in this day and age he was a pleasure to have!! Please thank him for me!

    Jacques McCoy Avatar
    Jacques McCoy
  • ROBERT came in with the proper attitude slowly detecting what was needed. He, therefore, fixed the requested problem going beyond the call of duty. He was quiet, thoughtful and persistent. I am very pleased with the completed solution Thank you Robert

    Ruthie Owens Avatar
    Ruthie Owens

    Installer was there on time and was so thorough teaching me how to use the system and make sure everything was 100% functional. I am very impressed with the systems capabilities and David's professionalism.

    Ashley Lewless Avatar
    Ashley Lewless

    Tech was courteous and able to answer the questions as we had trouble communicating with our email for the security system as it was stopped working. We had some challenges in reaching them to open the trouble ticket, it took us 4 days to get this fixed. I gave 5 star for the work they performed in fixing it. For customer service, I will give another chance to improve their performance. Over all it was good.

    Nick Gunda Avatar
    Nick Gunda
  • I really like Select Security. The tech came by my house he was friendly and knowledgeable. He replaced the batteries in my glass break alarm, then updated the software and made sure everything was up to date. Good company!!

    Michael Kuchinsky, Sr Avatar
    Michael Kuchinsky, Sr

    David Garcia of Select Security did a fantastic job of upgrading our home security system. He was prompt, professional, knowledgeable and thorough in providing services and products that we are looking forward enjoying for years to come. You cannot put a price on safety.

    We definitely feel safe and secure!

    Kennedy Hayles Avatar
    Kennedy Hayles

    Great customer service... Robert the technician was awesome he was able to help my senior citizen parents. Fast, reliable and very professional. Highly recommend this security alarm company.

    Brenda Sandoval Avatar
    Brenda Sandoval
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