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An In-Depth Look at School Safety

May 7th, 2018

Recent events have made school safety a hot topic in each and every community lately. Parents are asking what the schools are doing to ensure the safety of their children, and school officials are scrambling to find that. With events like these, emotions can run high and sometimes so do political divisions. There have been over 600 violence related student deaths in public and private schools in the past 20 years according to the CDC. There is a solution to this. It’s about getting down to the basics and making sure your building is properly secured. Here are tips to get started:

Best practices for securing your building:


Strengthening relationships with emergency responders-How often does your crisis team meet with emergency responders? You should be meeting with them at least twice a year to keep updated on protocols, business plans/constructions and events happening in your building.

Threat Trainings- It is important for your staff to go through specific trainings to not only keep your building safe but also themselves and their students. Some type of trainings that can be helpful are:

ALICE- This is a specific training for shooting. There are various levels of training that you can complete. You can either set up a call with ALICE or partake in their online training. These trainings are important and you can require everyone in your building to go through this.

FEMA- This is a resource to use for a variety of trainings, whether it be crisis related or weather related. They have many resources for your staff members can take part of.

Lockdown procedures– You might have lockdowns scheduled for every year but how often? Lockdown procedures should be practiced more often than not. Also take turn on who runs the lockdowns in case someone is absent that day or isn’t able to run it.

Security equipment- how up to date is your security equipment? Do you have the latest access control options and camera surveillance? Make sure you stay in touch with your security provider to make sure you know new information and upgrades available for you.


Besides security cameras and access controls, do you have a crisis software available for your school?

With the use of Select Security’s CLASS, or Crisis Lockdown Alert Status System, schools and universities now have a budget-friendly and effective solution for response in emergency situations. CLASS provides real-time classroom status, notification and updates to administrators, security and first responders with a graphical map, email or text to make split-second decisions. The system is secure and easy to install –simply add to your existing network.


Educators are now able to send up to date information on the status of the room that they are in. No more of the green/red papers under the doors (which is extremely dangerous in a threat), now educators will be able to send color-coded alerts to administrators, security and first responders which they will be able to respond with the exact coordinance of your building provided by the software.

If you are looking for a free security review of your building or district contact us at 877-877-0345.

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