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Top Reasons to Invest in Cloud Based Access Control


  • Ease of Use: With mobile dashboards, cloud-based central management software makes it easy to change user access settings from anywhere.
  • Cybersecurity: Open ports for communication with traditional access access control systems can leave your business vulnerable to cyber attacks. Cloud-based access control alleviates this risk.
  • Cost Savings: Maintaining outdated equipment in house can be costly and time consuming for your IT department, in the long term a cloud-based solution eliminates the need to update equipment and software.
  • Open API: Easily integrate your keyless building entry with employee or membership databases, making cloud-based access control the best solution for businesses, gyms, property managers and more.

Learn how you can save time and money by switching to cloud-based access control. Let us know you are interested and download your guide today.

Brivo OnAir Mobile Management of Access Control

Access control is the process of managing entry to specific buildings or locations for individuals who have the authorization to be there. Access control can also be used to limit the use of restricted locations within a facility.

Beyond using an access control system for employee access to buildings, you can also employ a system that manages keyless entry into gyms, pools and conference rooms based on membership status.

With a cloud-based access control solution, you will have real time access from anywhere. You can update user privileges immediately with your computer or smartphone. You can also integrate access settings with your employee or membership database through an open API.

Modern access control systems have enhanced cybersecurity and reduce the cost of maintaining expensive in-house servers. For more information on how you can save money with Brivo OnAir complete our form and receive a FREE guide on the total cost of ownership comparing traditional access control to new cloud-based systems.

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The Truths to Access Control Old vs New
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