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Business Security

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Small Business Solutions Security Panel in Office

Are you looking to add on or upgrade your small- or medium-sized business security? We custom build solutions for each location. Whether you manage a single- or multi-site business smart business security and automation solutions will make your life easier.

Enterprise Solutions Commercial Lobby

We protect businesses of all sizes and industries. No two businesses have identical needs – we work with your organization to find the best solutions that will scale with your enterprise. Centrally manage your alarm system, video cameras, access control and more!

Video Surveillance Security Cameras

Video Surveillance Systems


Our suite of managed services and state of the art technology can transform your video surveillance cameras into an additional arm of your security system.

DMP Access Control System

Access Control


Manage exterior and interior locks with keyless entry. Manage access control settings and privileges remotely through your system’s dashboard and integrate it with your security system and video surveillance.

DMP Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm Systems and Sprinklers


Our fire detection services provide an early notification when fire breaks out, giving you and firefighters more time to prevent damage.

Since the first electronic security alarm system was patented in 1853 by the Reverend Augustus Pope, business have been using ever improving technology to protect their inventory, assets, and employees. Smart businesses know that the beginning of any great crime prevention plan starts with a good alarm system designed by experts who know how to leverage the latest technology and services to your advantage.

Our systems are designed with employers and employees in mind, so keypads are easy to operate, regardless of experience level. They also come with convenient automation options which allows your system to automatically report when your building or facility opens and closes, if staff arrives on schedule, and assets are secure.

Our security experts will work with you to customize the perfect system to fit your needs. We work with businesses ranging from small, single location operations to multi-location, enterprise facilities.

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