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2019 Resolutions: Security Edition

December 28th, 2018

Many people are making resolutions about their health and goals, but have you thought about making a resolution that relates to your security to start the new year?

To help, the Select Security team has gathered a few resolutions you can make this year (and easily keep) to benefit your home and business with security:


  1. Reduce your Hacking Risk: Do you have a lot of accounts on multiple websites? Password Managers are either apps on your phone, devices or on your desktop that holds all your passwords for your multiple accounts, but only you can log into the app with your own password. The point of a password manager is to help protect your accounts from being hacked, locked out and from you forgetting the passwords. When you are making passwords for your accounts it can be easy to use the same ones for each site. To help protect your accounts make sure to use different passwords with different numbers and symbols. Password Managers are important and can help you protect your family and business from hackers potentially stealing bank account information, credit card or important data information regarding your business. Make sure you talk to your IT Department if you are using it for business, as they will know the best safe storage for your passwords.
  2. Save Energy: In 2019 there will be many products coming out to save you energy and money. We have many products like a smart thermostat that you can adjust from your phone or device, notify you if there is an unusual change in temperature and can lock your thermostat. These options will lower your energy bill by saving you money and giving you the control of your system.
  3. Live more conveniently: This year as devices start getting smarter, you will notice more products being integrated together. It might be time to upgrade your devices, so you can integrate with your security system. By having quick and responsive automation you will be able to respond faster to arming/disarming your home, letting in certain people who are visiting your home or business, quickly deleting employees and adding new ones but also using the live feed of any camera that will be uploaded to any device.
  4. Reduce False Alarms: How many times in the year do you have to respond to a false alarm? If this is a common theme for your family or business, it might be time to train everyone on the proper procedures with your security system. Alarm and security training is very important to your business, so everyone is aware of cameras and how the alarms work. In your home, not only your family should be aware of how to properly arm and disarm your home, but also any relatives and service providers. You can always call your technician to make sure you are giving the proper education to your family and employees.
  5. Test your system more often: When’s the last time you hear your system go off? Before you start a busy 2019 take the time to test your system more regular. To do this, call our customer care team at 877-877-0345, option #3. Make sure you set your system to test, this extremely important for no emergency personnel will be called. Test your system by opening doors, windows, etc. to make sure alarms are being transmitted. For more directions click here.


With these new resolutions, you will be able to take charge of keeping you and your family safe in 2019. If you need help finding the best solution for you or your business, please call us at (877) 877-0345.

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