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Avoid Damaging Security Devices or Triggering False Alarms During Your COVID-19 Deep Clean

April 23rd, 2020

Your security devices can be damaged by directly spraying disinfectants on them or using foggers. In addition, devices such as smoke detectors may cause unwanted alarms during the cleaning process. Be sure to follow manufacturer guidelines when cleaning your sensitive electronic devices.


We have a few tips for handling your security devices during deep cleans of your facility…


Cover your electronic devices prior to using spray disinfectants or foggers

Since moisture and chemicals may damage your security devices, we recommend protecting your electronic devices and sensors by securely covering them in plastic prior to a deep clean. Select Security technicians can visit your facility to cover all your devices or if you prefer you can do this yourself.


Put your system on test mode prior to a deep clean

Cleaning techniques such as fogging a room may cause false alarms. We recommend contacting us and putting your system on test mode prior to a deep clean to avoid any false alarms.


Complete a thorough system check after disinfecting

After you complete the deep clean of your facility you should do a system check to make sure all security and life safety devices are functioning properly. It is good practice to regularly complete system checks to verify the health and reliability of the security and fire systems; while your building is empty for a deep clean is an ideal time to do this. Our team of technicians can complete this test for you, be sure to schedule your appointment as soon as possible to over any delays.


Cleaning recommendations

The CDC has released recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and rooms that may have been exposed to the coronavirus. Their recommendation for cleaning electronics is: “Follow the manufacturer’s instruction for cleaning and disinfecting. If no guidance, use alcohol-based wipes or sprays containing at least 70% alcohol. Dry surface thoroughly.” Avoid spraying any liquids directly on your devices.


For more guidelines from the CDC follow these links:




If you are planning to deep clean your community facility prior to reopening for business, contact Select Security at 877-877-0345 to discuss a plan for protecting your security devices or to schedule a service appointment to have us take care of pre-cleaning covering and post-cleaning testing.





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