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Secure your Bank & Ditch the “Two-Man Rule”

May 9th, 2019

In your bank, your job is to not only to protect the bank’s assets but your people too. Your employees can often be put in dangerous situations from simple actions like changing drawers or putting things in safes.


Two-Man Rule Used by Banks

A lot of banks implement the “Two-Man Rule” which is when two employees are required to jointly do a task together. Not only is this not safe, but it can be time consuming if you are not properly staffed. With our securities, we take care of that fear to limit the risk of injury when doing task within the bank.


Dual Authority Access

We have our own service similar to the two-man rule called Dual Authority. Dual Authority gives you the opportunity to tighten security by requiring two user codes be entered prior to gaining access to specific areas. This lessens the dangers that can come from a lost key or access card and eliminated the need for staff to carry them to restricted areas in your business.


The best part about Dual Authority is that you get an audit of all employees’ attempts to access restricted areas. Not only can you control specific areas, but you also have the flexibility to specify which employees need Dual Authority for access or arming/disarming operations. Sometimes you may need to give employees certain access for various times when they are covering shifts or have a certain task to do at work.


Video Surveillance for Banks

You can increase your visibility through our cameras by having a live stream 24/7 on any device. This is great if you are out of office and you hear something unusual is happening. You can quickly log on, view the live feed, save any clips that you would want to share and quickly switch back from any camera. These solutions can help you secure your bank, even when you are not present.


With these security options available to you its time to start thinking about how secure your bank is and what things like “two-man rule” that you can ditch.


If you are interested in learning more about how to add security for your local bank please contact us by emailing our sales team or call us at 877-877-0345, Option 4 to learn more about your business security options from Select Security.

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