If you are looking to invest in installing or upgrading your business’s access control system you want to be sure you choose the best access control for 2021. You also want to be sure that you are investing in technology that is adaptable and scalable for future needs. In this article, we will introduce you to cloud-based access control and the benefits of this cyber secure technology.



Brivo OnAir Mobile Management of Access ControlFacility managers can now administer their access control systems on their mobile devices. Modern technology no longer requires managers to be at the physical site to manage user access. Mobile, cloud-based solutions use smartphone apps that allow admins to grant or revoke access to specific locations or doors. This makes it easier and faster to manage emergency situations like lockdowns.


With integrated technology, you can also view videos of your physical location in real-time and connect activity to particular clips with an easy click of a button. This saves time and money searching through stored video data when the need arises. Learn more about the benefits of integrating video solutions into your security in our recent article.


Ease of Use

The latest cloud-based technology uses an intuitive dashboard accessible from any computer or smartphone device by simply logging in to your account. Not only is this technology easy to use for administrative and security purposes but it is also easy for all employees or members to use. With mobile pass (rather than key cards or fobs), access to buildings is already in the palm of your hand by simply logging into your Mobile Pass app on your smartphone. No need to worry about physical keys or forgetting passcodes.



Cloud-based solutions are easily scalable. As your business grows, your access control is ready to grow with it. Easy to install access points, the ability to grant and revoke access instantly and integrations with employee or member directories make cloud-based solutions like Brivo a smart business decision. As your business grows it gets more difficult to manage multiple databases of employee information across HR, IT and your physical security solutions. Simplify this by only having to manage one database that will automatically update your access control solution to grant permissions based on employee categories or membership level.


Brivo Access Control Central Management SoftwareCyber Secure

Many traditional physical security solutions were not designed with cybersecurity in mind. As times change our world becomes more Internet-driven. With new technology means a shift towards network and communication protocols on open, public networks inherently increases the risk of cyber threats to physical security. Adapting older physical security solutions to be more user-friendly and allow remote control often means opening inbound ports that could put your business at risk of cyber attacks.


Cost of Maintenance

Whether you are using the lock and key method for access control or an in-house access control server, you are looking at higher costs for maintaining your access control. Replacing keys and rekeying traditional locks can be extremely costly, especially if you have a high turnover rate and for some businesses, traditional lock and key is not a practical solution because it requires an employee or manager to be physically present at all times.


Most access control systems require in-house servers that are expensive to purchase upfront and require costly, labor-intensive updates throughout their lifespan. With a cloud-based solution, you can reduce the cost of IT expenses and avoid having to upgrade or replace costly equipment and software.


Touchless Solutions & Thermal Technology Integration

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, hygiene is top of mind for many individuals. By integrating the use of key fobs or key cards in combination with electronic releases for door locks you can reduce the need for employees to interact with key pads. Touchless solutions are a great solution for reducing the number of surfaces that need to disinfected regularly.


With many businesses implementing temperature screenings and mandating masks for employees and visitors, new screening terminals can be used to check temperatures prior to granting access to a building or room.





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