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Business Intelligence Data from Your Security System

September 15th, 2020

Today’s alarm systems work as interactive business management tools and provide robust data for business decision making. Smarter security means that beyond providing the traditional burglar alarm protection, your system can serve as your assistant and advisor.


Like traditional security systems, business solutions today use a combination of door and window contacts, motion sensors, smoke detectors, and glass break detectors to signal the central monitoring station to dispatch emergency services when needed. These features are vital to protect your business after hours and can give you more peace of mind knowing that there are eyes on your business when you can’t be there.


In addition to traditional security and life safety features, today’s alarm systems also provide reporting tools and non-alarm notifications that allow you to run your business more efficiently.


Business Security Insights DashboardReporting Tools

With your alarm system you can schedule reports to be generated providing you with the information that is important to you. Reports can include:


  • Alarm and Issues Report – to make sure your system is healthy and there are no trouble conditions

  • Open/Close Report – how often is your staff opening late or closing early? Easily access that information in one report

  • Location Summary – get a snapshot customer traffic through the front door so you can identify new opportunities for promos or a need for increased staff during busy hours


Non-Alarm Notifications

Not every notification requires an emergency response. You can program your notifications to receive alerts that will keep your business running more efficiently or protect your inventory. With non-alarm notification only you will receive the alert, not the central monitoring station. These alerts are useful to inform you of the following:


Closed Late Notification

  • System armed or disarmed

  • Open late or close early

  • Activity in a restricted area

  • Unexpected activity

  • Power outage

  • Extreme temperature warning


Energy Saving Features

Another benefit of smarter business security is the ROI of energy savings associated with automating lights, appliances, and thermostats.


Use the local lockout threshold on your smart thermostat to set the temperature or a reasonable range withing which an employee can adjust it. Your smart thermostat can also automatically adjust the temperature settings to conserve energy if a door or window has been left open.


You can learn more about how you can save money with energy saving features in this article: Using Smart Technology to Make Your Business More Energy Efficient


If you want a smarter security system that can act as your assistant and advisor, contact Select Security and we can fit your business with the perfect solution to meet your needs. Our security experts are here to help! Fill out our contact form or call us today at 877-877-0345.




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