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Security Technology to Help Adapt to New Coronavirus Business Practices 

May 21st, 2020

With new challenges ahead, business can turn to security technology to increase the safety of workers by implementing solutions that will aid in preventing the spread of coronavirus. The COVID-19 pandemic has come with such a disruptive force that as we start re-opening our business and facilities, we are left to rethink how to manage our facilities.  


There is an increased emphasis on employee health across all industries. Social distancing recommendations are still in place, this is a challenge for employers as they need to find ways to limit crowds and reduce occupancy levels while still operating profitably. There’s also the challenge of collecting enough data for contact tracing in the event of an outbreak and how to quarantine rooms or buildings until thorough cleanings can be done 


On top of all this, economic unrest could mean more criminal activity such as theft or vandalism. Working through these challenges may seem daunting but this is the perfect opportunity to merge technology with security to help keep your business proactively defend your business 


Thermographic CamerasHealth Monitoring with Thermal Cameras 

Monitoring the health of employees and guests is of utmost importance. With thermal camera technology you can safely and efficiently monitor the temperature of all persons who come across the camera. Position this camera at a main lobby or employee entrance. This gives you awareness and the ability to quickly act when a high temperature is detected without the need to add additional employees dedicated to check in. These cameras are highly accurate and some models can read up to 30 temperatures at one time, speeding up the entry process. When high temperatures are detected your employees monitoring the entryways can receive alerts with an image of the individual that they need to pull away from the crowd for additional screening. With portable solutions you can use the camera throughout your facility saving you money.  


Hikvision Thermographic Turret CameraEncourage Social Distancing with Video Monitoring 

As businesses slowly begin the process of reopening, social distancing is one of the challenges we have heard plenty about. Ensuring your customers, guests and employees follow recommended social distancing protocol is vital in curbing the spread of the coronavirus.  Video monitoring solutions can help make enforcing this easier by giving you a second set of eyes watching over the facility and viewing areas such as stock rooms, break rooms or parking lots that don’t always have a manager present 


You can even program alerts to notify you when crowds are forming or when unauthorized areas have been breached. With video solutions you can monitor a larger area with less people and immediate alerts, giving you peace of mind and flexibility to use your labor hours on more productive tasks.  


Defend Yourself from Increased Crime with Alarm Systems 

During times of economic unrest, there may be an uptick in crimes from theft to vandalism. Protect your property and inventory with a state-of-the-art security system. From window and door sensors programed to notify you when movement has occurred. To smart locks and video cameras providing secure access and awareness. Updating to the latest system will ensure your business, employees and guests are safe in the case of any emergency.  


Verify Appointments with Access Control 

Adapting to an appointment only model may be a solution for your business during these next couple of months as this is an easy way to ensure max capacity is not being reached. Save your staff time and resources with access control solutions. This gives you the ability to remotely let guests into your facility based on appointment using a combination of intercom, electronic door releases and video monitoringAccess control solutions can also be used for employees, allowing you to restrict access based on health status preventing any potentially sick employee from entering the facility.  



DMP Access Control MonitoringRemote User Access Providing Data for Contact Tracing 

Contact tracing is another term we are familiar with. Understanding who is infected and who they may have had contact with is important in slowing the spread of illness. Rather than having your employees dedicating countless hours in monitoring check in-logs and recording data, you can have access control solutions automatically document who has been in and out of your building through the use of dedicated user codes, key cards or key fobs 


Combined with video solutions you’ll have data readily available for you in the case of an outbreak. This frees up valuable resources that can be used to ensure your business is running safely and efficiently.  


Solutions for Every Industry 

Whether you own a manufacturing facility or a small restaurant, we have solutions unique for your business. Explore your options and see how we can help prepare your business for success.  

Our team of professional security experts can set up a demo and help you build a plan to safely operate your business. Contact Select Security today by submitting our form online or call us at 877-877-0345.  

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