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Business Security

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Commercial Security Systems

Today’s commercial systems use the latest innovations to provide a healthy mix of convenience and security features, including remote management, multiple user access, wireless installation, and cellular technology to ensure easy installations and powerful features for users.

Video Surveillance Systems

While most security companies are still selling the traditional CCTV camera systems, our team has leveraged our relationships with the manufacturers and software providers to offer the next wave in video security and surveillance. Utilizing the latest IP technology and state of the art cameras, our team designs camera networks that provide additional functionality. Our latest offering, a suite of managed services, can transform your surveillance camera network into an additional arm of your security system.

Access Control

In the past, a sturdy lock was the most effective method available to control access to your facility. Today you have the capacity to truly manage both exterior and interior access. With the appropriate security devices and alarm management software in place, you can take control of who goes where and when in your facility with a single integrated security solution.

Also known as electronic card access, these easy to use systems replace traditional locks with magnetic locks and an electronic record of who is accessing your building. Our access control solutions are custom designed to fit each different customer application, and is scalable based on need.

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Fire Alarm Systems

Fire costs American businesses billions of dollars each year. Our fire detection services provide an early notification when fire breaks out, giving you and firefighters more time to prevent damage. Additionally, our customers benefit from our vendor relationships, allowing us to provide you with a choice of the most advanced products and services.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Carrying forward our commitment to providing our customers with cost effective security and life safety options, we have Select Fire Protection, a division of Select Security, which offers regularly scheduled inspections and testing. Often, our customers find that we are able to provide additional savings through our ability to bundle services.

Advanced Managed Services

Increase the effectiveness of your Select Security video surveillance and access control network by adding our Managed Services, tying your system directly into our secure operation centers. Once connected, our monitoring specialists are able to leverage the power of your camera networks to provide an instant look into your facility when alarms are tripped, giving emergency crews the information they need to react efficiently.

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