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Thousands of businesses suffer each year because of workplace fires. Read on to learn how you can avoid becoming a statistic.


Protect your hard work from going up in flames

Fire destroys thousands of businesses each year costing billions of dollars in property damage, ruined inventory, and lost business opportunities. A commercial grade fire alarm system from Select Security can help protect your investment and employees from major loss.

We are a proud Honeywell First Alert Professional Dealer, which means that you benefit from our ability to offer the best all-around fire alarm systems that have been tested to comply with fire codes. Our team of engineers ensure that every system we design meets national and local code requirements, and we back it up by offering around the clock alarm system monitoring from our network of secure operating centers.

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Fire Systems 101

Fire Alarm Control Panel

This box houses the brains of your fire alarm system and acts as a central point for communication and the relay of information. From here, signals are received from your devices (such as smoke detectors or pull stations) and alarms are sent to our monitoring center and your notification appliances (strobe lights and speakers) in the building. Because of our relationship with Honeywell, a trusted name in the fire alarm industry, we are proud to offer their Vista series of equipment. For those who prefer other brands, our team is also trained to install, service, and monitor systems from Firelite, Silent Knight, Wheel Lock, Potter, and Farenhyt.

Initiating Devices

These are the pieces of equipment that signal the alarm when they sense a fire. Automatically actuated devices are always on the lookout for danger; detecting smoke, heat, flames, or water flow detectors in sprinkler systems. These devices don't rely on human interaction and operate even when no one is in the building. On the other hand, manually actuated devices send alarm signals to the control panel when a person tells it to. These devices include the commonly seen pull stations, break glass stations, call points, or fire alarm boxes. Code requirements, as well as your unique needs, determine how many of these initiating devices are needed and their placement.

Notification Appliances

When an alarm is tripped, notification appliances are the devices that alert anyone at the sight of a fire threat using lights, sirens, or other audio. The commonly seen strobe light is a good example of an appliance that combines two forms of notification in one small device. Often the flashing light is accompanied by a speaker built into the unit, which can play either an alarm siren, pre-recorded message, or live audio instructing those in the building on what to do.

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