We love the hustle and bustle of the holidays. It’s time for gift shopping and attending holiday gatherings. But this also means increased security risks for businesses in the retail industry that are heavily impacted by holiday shopping trends. It is a frantic season that may cause employees to take costly or dangerous short cuts or simply forget to do simple tasks like locking the door. But you can easily make sure you are prepared with a few simple security tips for your business this holiday season.


Review Security Policies with Your Current Employees

Make sure you review your current policies with employees to freshen their minds. With increased traffic, increased theft, and increased cyber crimes it is important to make sure everyone is up to date and following proper procedure.


This includes how to handle company information online for employees working remotely, or guest policy in the office for holiday gatherings. Using public WiFi can put your company’s confidential information at risk. Due to the amount of online orders being place, the holiday season naturally causes an increase in cyber crimes. It is crucial to assess and protect OT security for the sake of safeguarding the data.


One of the most important rules to cover is open and closure policies to make sure your employees are safe at the start and end of business hours – also make sure your assets are properly secured and alarm system is activated. There are easy ways to monitor when people go in and out of your business through access control systems. You can easily set up rules and alerts to let you know if someone forgets to lock or arm the system. Video surveillance can also help reassure you that everything is operating smoothly.


Holiday PackagesScreening and Training Temporary Seasonal Help

Hiring extra help is common in many businesses, especially in retail stores and warehouses that see an increase in store traffic and orders as customers shop for gifts. Temporary help should be properly screened before hiring based on your company’s hiring practices. Complete background checks, drug tests and reference checks if this is part of your normal business practice. This will help ensure that you hire seasonal employees that meet the quality standards of your business.


Seasonal employees may be less committed to the workplace therefore more tempted to steal or be lax in following company procedures. Be sure to educate seasonal hires on all your safety and security protocols during their onboarding process.


Setting Up Access Privileges for Seasonal Employees

If your business uses an access control system this part is simple. You can set access permissions to only allow employees into certain parts of the building. Prevent unnecessary entry into extra storage areas or offices that contain confidential information. You can easily add and remove users to your access control system through a central management software. Most modern access control systems have an online dashboard that you can access from anywhere, even your smartphone, allowing you to make changes immediately no matter where you are.


Test Your Security Equipment

Make sure your security alarm and video surveillance systems are working properly so you can rest assured that your business is safe during the holidays. Plan to do this prior to the seasonal rush. Doing a system check may also identify any issues that can be fixed before customer traffic increases and your business gets hectic. Even though security companies try not to interrupt business when they service equipment, sometimes interruptions to internet connection can occur or they may need to set up ladders in work areas to access the security equipment which can interrupt workflow. Avoid this by calling your security provider to do an inspection. Inspections are often done periodically as a standard business practice. So, try to schedule them when it’s convenient for your business, before the rush of the holiday season.


Double Check Your Emergency Call List

Before the holiday rush, make sure your call list is current. This way if an alarm is triggered, the correct people will be contacted as quickly as possible. Make sure the proper phone numbers and email addresses are listed for each emergency contact. You may also want to contact your security company and let them know of any changes in business hours so they can watch for unexpected activity outside of those time frames.


Avoid Setting Off False Alarms with Holiday Décor

False alarms can be costly for your business, be sure to put thought into where you place holiday decorations, so they don’t block security cameras and or trigger any alarms. Lightweight decorations can move with slight breezes allowing fans or heat vents to cause movement that could trigger your motion sensor. If you have any animated decorations, be sure to turn them off at close of business.



We are wishing everyone a safe and profitable holiday season. If you found these tips helpful and would like to have your security system reviewed to increase your level of security, contact Select Security to have one of our experts do an onsite evaluation. We can custom build a solution that will take care of all your security concerns. Call us today at 877-877-0345 or submit our form to get a free quote.