Many people and companies are turning to remote work in our current environment. Whether you are self-employed and always work from home, are temporarily working from home or have permanent work from home arrangements with your employer there are a few steps you can take to ensure the physical security of your office.


Almost every home has a room or area dedicated to an office already, this may be as simple as a desk, chair, and computer, or you may be equipped with other office essentials such as a scanner, printer, fax, filing cabinet, and more. If you are just adding a home office to your property be sure not to draw attention by leaving boxes for equipment and furniture outside your home.


Regardless of the size of your office and how often you use it, it’s still important to keep that area of your home safe and secure.


Cyber Security and Data Protection

Be sure to use best practices for keeping your business’s proprietary information confidential. Using two-factor authentication, different passwords for every account, using a secure private WiFi network are a great start. Check with your employer to see what their home office protocols are.


If you have people entering your home such as family friends, contractors or customers be sure to keep private information locked up and out of sight. It is recommended that you install a solid door with a lock to your home office, or if your office is in an open area use cabinets with locks to keep information secure. If you are disposing of physical documents be sure to shred them rather than dispose of the whole.


laptop in office with closed blinds on windowsOffice Decor – Including Window Coverings

Your home office reflects you. So, decorating your workspace can be fun. But whether you have regular client visits, or your office is for personal use, you should be mindful of your décor and make the most out of your space.


Office décor can help with privacy. Window treatments keep your home office private. If your office is on the ground floor or in a basement with windows you should have blinds or curtains closed so passersby’s or potential thieves can’t see your equipment. This is especially important at night when glowing screens can draw attention. Be sure to turn off all devices when you are done working for the day.


If your office is in an open area and you participate in video conference calls, consider what is in the background. If you have valuable items such as jewelry, collectibles, antiques, or artwork be sure to keep these items out of the line of sight especially if you are conferencing with clients or recording webinars for the public.


Stay Organized and Clutter-Free

Easier said than done, right? But maintaining an organized and clutter-free home office can make a difference not only mentally, but physically when it comes to your safety. Tangled wires, loose papers, and scattered boxes can all be safety hazards. Keeping a clean office is especially important if you have clients visit. You don’t want to be portrayed as messy and unorganized, and you don’t want them to injure themselves during a meeting.


If you have children or pets in the home, try to keep them out of the office area so that they don’t get hurt and equipment doesn’t get damaged.


touchless video doorbell with rapid people detectionPractice Personal Life Safety

Always have your cell phone handy in case of an emergency. If possible, when first meeting a client, arrange to meet in a public place, such as a coffee shop, and always inform someone when, where, and with whom you have appointments. Video conferencing is also a great alternative to welcoming strangers into your home.


You should also use caution when you have deliveries made to your home office/business. Never let a person inside your home without proper identification. Installing a video doorbell can reduce risk related to unexpected visitors or verifying a delivery person prior to answering the door.


Secure Your Home Office

For many of us, our home offices are home to important documents and expensive technology. Secure your home and your home office with a security system. With video security cameras, motion detection, smart locks and door sensors you can stay completely aware of the activity in your home office whether you are home or not.


If you are an employer looking to make sure that your company data and equipment is safe in the home office of employee’s, you can offer an employee benefit program that would give your employees access to a home security system at a discounted rate.



Select Security offers many great options for homeowners and small businesses, including alarm systems, cameras, and smart home features! To learn more and schedule your free home evaluation by contacting Select Security today. Give us a call at 877-877-0345.