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Managing Security and Automation for Multiple Business Locations

June 24th, 2020

Do you own or operate a multi-site business? Or do you own several different businesses? Managing security and automation for these locations can be simplified when management is accessed through one online account. Having one single point of control for all essential functions will help you scale your business more efficiently.


Access Control for BusinessAccess Control

Simplify logistics by utilizing the same access control system across all locations. Within one dashboard you can easily assign users to single, multiple or all locations. Regional managers, some employees, cleaning crews or contractors may need access to all your locations or just a few. By managing access control from one account you can easily assign user privileges and they can use the same keycard or pin for each location making it easier for them to get into the building and not have to worry about carrying a handful of keys.


Video Security Across Multiple Locations

It’s impossible to be in more than one place at a time. But with remote video monitoring you can still be aware of the activity at each of your business locations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Make changes to your system or view live feeds from just about anywhere at any time.


Do you want to compare activity across multiple locations at one time? Simply pull up different video feeds side-by-side to see if you retail store or restaurant traffic is similar or varies at a certain point in the day. Quickly compare the performance of each location. What works for one location may not be ideal for the others. You can quickly gain insight into consumer behavior at each of your locations, allowing you to make changes based on their unique customer patterns and ultimately increase your bottom line.


Bakery Video SolutionsApply Automation to All Locations

A variety of automations are available like turning off lights, arming the system and making sure the doors are locked. These can be set once and applied to all locations! Or if this information varies by location you can program them to meet their own unique schedule. Cross-location rules allow you to save time setting up automations that can be applied to all locations.


The Benefits of Standardizing Technology

When you manage a multi-site business, you can make life easier by using the same devices at each of them. You only have to learn one system and the equipment can be purchased in bulk often reducing your upfront overhead expenses. When your professional security system evaluates all of your locations, they can recommend a system that will best fit the needs of all locations.


Employees who work at multiple locations only need to learn one system and remember one passcode or carry one keycard to access them. Your HR, IT and regional management will benefit from having one account that controls everything. Reduce the time spent on making changes. Using one system to manage security and automation for all your business locations is a smart decision!


Customizing Solutions for Each Location

While you will benefit from using one dashboard and the same technology, you can still be sure to protect each location at the level it needs. Depending on the particular location of the business, crime rates in the area, size of the facility, and other factors you will want to consider the unique circumstances of each location to make sure it is adequately covered. Have a security professional evaluate all of your locations prior to making a decision on what solution is best for each of them.



Start simplifying today with a new multi-site security and automation system. With our professional team we can evaluate all sites and help you find a system that meets your unique needs. Contact Select Security today at 877-877-0345!




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