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Customer Traffic Analytics and Temperature Alerts for Quick Serve Restaurants

October 17th, 2019

The Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) industry has grown at a fast pace due to our culture’s on-the-go lifestyle. Single and multi-location fast food restaurants have a variety of security vulnerabilities. Business managers around the world are tapping into their security system to obtain valuable information that QSRs can use to protect assets, employees, customers, profits and support loss prevention.


Traffic Analytics for QSR

All restaurants have a fast-paced work environment with a focus on superior customer experience. A QSR has a higher volume of customer traffic than a traditional restaurant, increasing the pressure even more.


Central Management System for Multi-Location Businesses Video Monitoring Restaurant Kitchen

Not all locations are created equal. Differences in staff, building design layout, and regional culture can affect the performance of each location. When central management solutions are implemented, managers can easily compare locations to analyze business performance and compare customer traffic or employee performance. For instance, why is one location busiest at 1pm on Friday when another doesn’t pick up until 3pm? This could be due to surrounding businesses, schools, or events. Identifying characteristics of traffic flow that are unique to each location easily allows management to customize customer specials or staffing needs to increase the profitability of each location rather than using generic location based on all locations.


Customer Heat Mapping and People Counting

Where? When? And for how long? Learn more about the actions your customers take when they are in or outside of your business. Maybe the layout of the restaurant could be improved so customers are clearly directed to the counter to place their order. Identify ways to reduce congestion in certain areas, make sure your emergency exits aren’t being blocked and determine how long people are staying. This is all valuable information that business managers can use to increase performance.


POS Integration for Data Verification Purposes

Are you losing money due to employee theft or is it due to simple errors in handling cash or counting change? There are many ways to hold employees accountable for the accuracy of the register. Managers who have continually experienced issues related to the point of sale system in their restaurant have used integrations with their video security in order to view employee and customer interactions at the specific times of questionable transactions. These integrations also allow you to monitor behavior when the restaurant opens, closes or shifts change. Easily searched video data can quickly provide answers and help determine the cause of the issue.


Temperature Control Sensors for QSR

Preventing Foodborne Illness with Temperature Control

Any business that serves or sells food must abide by the Food Safety Standards of temperature control in order to prevent foodborne illness. Customers who get a foodborne illness as a result of failing to monitor food temp can come at a hefty cost for a business. Single-location businesses can be significantly impacted by negative customer reviews, word of mouth and failed inspections. With proper training of staff, maintenance of equipment, and constant temperature monitoring restaurants can ensure that safe and delicious food is being served.


A quick serve restaurant manager can increase their peace of mind by installing temperature control sensors that will send alerts if temperatures leave the proper range. This can drastically improve business efficiencies by taking away the manual process of taking and recording temperatures on a regular basis, freeing up time that could be used to give your customers a better dining experience.


Temperature Sensors Alerting Equipment Malfunction

We all know how easily equipment can malfunction. Unfortunately, this usually happens at the worst possible time, for example, during the dinner rush or overnight when no one is there to catch it. This can result in loss of sales and product. Sensors can catch fluctuations in temperature, signaling that it’s time to call the repair man and have the unit serviced. By identifying potential problems before the equipment fails entirely, you can reduce loss.


Alerts for Open Doors

You are all aware of the fast-paced environment that comes with running a QSR. Employees face increased pressure to get plates out to customers as soon as they leave the oven, so it has become increasingly common to forget to close oven and freezer doors. By adding temperature sensors to your business security system, you can receive alerts when oven doors are left open and unsafe temperatures are detected, saving you time and money and ensuring the safety of your guests.


Access Control for Business

Access Control for QSR

The restaurant industry has a high turnover of employees making it important to keep your employee records and access to the property up to date. Even for a single location, having an access control system can simplify entry by using key cards, fobs or even smartphone apps to unlock the door.  As the manager of the business, you can set up area restrictions or limit the time of entry. When employees are hired or fired you can easily change access permissions with a few keystrokes, from anywhere. No slow, costly locksmiths required.


Make sure your restaurant business remains competitive and profitable by implementing these new technologies with your security system. Sluggish operations, human error and food waste can all be a thing of the past with these technologies combined. Saving you time, money, and focusing on what’s most important, the customer experience.



Select Security is ready to work with you to implement new technology to make your quick serve restaurant run more efficiently and be more profitable. With valuable customer insights, temperature alerts and access control you can spend more time on keeping your guests happy!








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