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Managing Security for Your Seasonal Business

May 22nd, 2019

Are you getting ready for your seasonal business team to come back to work for the summer? A lot of businesses that run seasonally welcome back their team from college or they expand by doubling their employee count to meet higher customer demands in the summer season (or winter, depending on what your business is). With a small to medium size business it could be tricky managing your new hires and refreshing your returning staff.


Before the season starts, take the time to do an evaluation and see what security measure you can adopt to keep your business secure.

Ways to keep track of your new employees:

Security Trainings:

Does your business have a group training program for seasonal employees? If so, you should incorporate a section on training your team how to properly use the security services your business has. Sometimes security systems can be intimidating to people who are uneducated on how to use them. Take the time to show the different parts about it, their passcodes and how to respond when an alarm goes off. Also, you should be teaching them ways how to reduce a false alarm.

Access Codes:

Hiring a new team or bringing back students to your seasonal team can mean new paperwork and more people entering your building. Lucky for you, we have an easy way you can track all of your seasonal employees. With our services you can simply add passcodes and delete passcodes right from your device. The changes happen immediately which is useful if you have to make last minute changes to schedules or add new users.

Door Lock Restrictions:

As new team members are entering your business site, there may be more foot traffic. If you have certain rooms that shouldn’t be available to employees, you can lock them but restrict them to certain access codes. This means with their access code you will be able to allow only certain people in the manager’s office, inventory closets, service closets or rooms with dangerous equipment. This can help improve safety in the workplace.


What do you do when someone goes where they aren’t supposed to? Do you find out months later? With notifications you can set up rules to notify you of specific things happening like unexpectant doors opening late at night, if the shop wasn’t open at the scheduled time or when someone enters an off-limit room.

Live Video Feed:

Managers can take vacations too! Don’t feel guilty by leaving your team alone for the day or week. With live video you can check in frequently during any hours of the day. This will make it easy to check if your business was closed propoerly, or if you need to tune in for questionable situations. You can also save clips on your device to easily email and text to communicate about potential problems.




The importance of doing a security evaluation is to not make it easier on yourself as the manager or owner but also make it easier for the employees. The employees will feel better knowing they are safe and secure when arriving to work and leaving work. There are many other things you can do, and we would love to help you! You can contact us at 877-877-0345, Opt. 4 or visit to see our business security solutions.

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