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Small Business Security Cameras

Keeping You Aware of Your Business

Protect your small business with security cameras. Make smarter decision with more business insights.

  • See what’s going on from anywhere, anytime.
  • Stay in the know with intelligent clips and alerts.
  • Get better crime prevention features.
  • Invest in technology that will increase your bottom line.
  • Professional installation and support makes it easy.

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Retail Stores

Security cameras strategically placed in your retail space can give you insight into consumer behavior, employee interactions and deter thefts. With recorded video clips you can connect cash register descrepencies with video, determine what areas of your store get the most foot traffic and even view stock rooms. By adding video into your business security plan you can stay more informed about business activity.

Hospitality Industry

Your business focus is on providing the best quality of service to your guests. Video solutions not only add security benefits, but give you insights into how you can improve guest's exerperience. With foot traffic analyitcs you can make smarter business decisions. For example, learn more about when your business's peak hours are. Or, get insight into creating a more efficient layout or process for your servers. Video solutions can help increase your bottom line.

Business Office Settings

Even in an office setting, video solutions are a great way to keep an eye on employee behavior. Spot innefficiencies or potentially harmful behavior, allowing you to give feedback and make corrections. Security cameras also give you peace of mind that only designated employees are accessing restricted areas or information.

Smart Business Solutions

Be aware of your business activity. Security cameras and video recordings can provide valuable information to make your place of business more secure, more efficient, safer and smarter! Contact us today to see which video solution is best for your business.

  • IheartYankees Avatar

    Derek and Nathan were prompt, courteous and very informative! They patiently explained my new system, offered advice on camera placement, and worked without disturbing anyone at my business. Great job!! Highly recommend!!

    IheartYankees 8/20/2019
    inez W. Avatar

    Robert Clifton arrived within timeframe given to me. He was polite, professional and informative. He completed his task and gave me his business card in the chance I had any further questions after he left.
    Thank you
    Inez Ward

    inez W. 9/04/2019
    Alex S. Avatar

    Robert arrived timely for the appointment and he completed the install of our new smaller sensors in about an hour (9 windows and 4 doors). He also updated the software in our system. Robert also took time to answer several questions about our system and the IPhone app.

    Alex S. 8/21/2019
  • accounting K. Avatar

    Great experience with Select Security! From multiple discussions with the sales rep Barb Sheppard over the course of several months and at least two site visits for revisions to the complete install of the equipment and software, it was incredibly smooth. The techs were great to work with and they were professional, knowlegeable, and helpful in resolving a couple unforseen hurdles. I would highly recommend them and will certainly seek out their services for any future projects.

    accounting K. 8/26/2019
    Anna A. Avatar

    Keith was prompt and professional. He was friendly and knowledgeable. He set up our system quickly and showed me how to use the system and the app. He was very helpful.

    Anna A. 7/10/2019
    Cynthia C. Avatar

    Brendan Reynolds is awesome. He is an excellent asset to you team. Brendan went above and beyond to teach myself and my Husband about our new alarm system. Thank you so very much for a great job.

    Cynthia C. 7/19/2019
  • Mary H. Avatar

    Courteous staff. Service work was done quickly with understandable explanation! Very happy with this organization.

    Mary H. 7/25/2019
    Carrie J. Avatar

    Keith was extremely prompt and very professional! He is a very valuable asset to Select Security! Very knowledgeable, courteous, worked efficiently and made sure I knew how to operate my new system and ensured it worked appropriately before leaving. He knew I was on a time crunch and worked to get the job done. Thank you, Keith! You have set the standard!

    Carrie J. 7/12/2019
    John L. Avatar

    The time it took from signing the contract till actually having the installation done was rather lengthy. The technician who did the installation, Zack, was very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. I was very pleased with the end result.

    John L. 9/17/2019
  • Joy L. Avatar

    I called to cancel my service for financial reasons. The agent, Gina Melnick, was very kind, sincere, and professional. You are lucky to have Gina on your staff.

    Joy L. 8/27/2019
    William S. Avatar

    Lance and Ron were great. Very knowledgeable and respectful. They made sure we understood everything before they left. They even applied new stickers to our windows for us.

    William S. 6/25/2019
    Melissa M. Avatar

    Bill Hornberger is always a great help for anything I may need. Ranging from a sales quote to a basic equipment question. Bill is very knowledgeable and wonderful to work with!!! I recommend reaching out to Bill with Select Security for all your security needs!!

    Melissa M. 7/11/2019
  • Steve B. Avatar

    I am 100% satisfied with the service we receive from our alarm repair/maintenance tech. He’s on time, VERY knowledgeable and provides great service.

    Steve B. 7/27/2019
    William S. Avatar

    Lance and Ron were great. Very knowledgeable and respectful. They made sure we understood everything before they left. They even applied new stickers to our windows for us.

    William S. 6/25/2019
    Shelley B. Avatar

    Very, very pleased with my alarm and the technicians who installed it. Anthony and Todd were on time, very professional and friendly. They answered all my questions and ensured everything worked correctly and that I knew how to use it. I love the alarm system, the remote capabilities and all that can be added on to it. I highly recommend this company if you’re looking for an alarm system. Thank you, Barbara, Anthony and Todd for helping us create an alarm system that fits our needs and utilizes the newest technology!

    Shelley B. 7/01/2019

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