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Using Smart Technology to Make Your Business More Energy Efficient

April 22nd, 2020

Making your business more energy efficient is not only great for the environment but also saves you money. Take a few moments to learn about how you can use smart devices to make your business more energy efficient…


Smart Thermostat and LampSmart Thermostat

Heating and cooling can be costly and use significant energy resources. By installing a programmable thermostat, you can adjust temperatures to run on a set program every day. Take it to the next level by installing a smart thermostat that can adjust based on your geolocation, make automatic adjustments based on activity in the business, and be controlled by your smartphone or computer remotely if you need to make manual adjustments.


Geolocation features can be used to automatically increase or decrease the temperature of the room when all the Bluetooth connected devices have left the premises. So, when everyone leaves the building for the day your system isn’t working more than it needs to.


Did you prop open the front door for a special event or open the windows to let in the fresh air? By connecting your smart thermostat to your security system, it will know to automatically adjust the temperature settings. This way the heating or cooling system isn’t running unnecessarily. You can also receive alerts to let you know the temperature has been adjusted.


No more bickering over the perfect temperature with every person adjusting the thermostat to their desired settings. You can lock out the temperature controls so there will be no constant manual adjusting by your employees.


With remote access 24/7 you never have to worry if you forgot to change a setting. If your business or office building is closed for a long weekend you can adjust the temperature from just about anywhere!



Smart Lights

You have likely already upgraded to LED lighting and energy efficient alternatives to traditional lightbulbs. By using smart lights integrated into your security system you can program lights on a schedule to make sure lights are on when needed and off during work hours.


Program automatically triggered events by using motion sensors or door contact sensors to turn lights on automatically when people enter a room and have them turn off when there is no activity. Motion detection lighting is great for stock rooms, warehouses or showrooms that often have unoccupied areas.


Not only can you save on energy costs by reducing your electric bill you will never have to worry if you forgot to turn off the lights before leaving work. Make closing at the end of the night easier by programming your system to turn off the lights when the security system is armed.



Smart Plugs and Outlets

Z-Wave Smart PlugUse smart plugs and outlets to identify the appliances in your business that are using the most energy. You can use smart plugs to monitor energy consumption and determine if any of your appliance should be upgraded to more efficient models.


Even when in standby mode, devices can consume a significant amount of energy. Schedule smart outlets to power off devices after business hours. Devices like TV screens, electronic marketing signage, coffee pots, and computer monitors can all be unplugged to conserve on energy. Although small, energy consumption for each of these combined can add up. Think about the savings you could benefit from over time if you were able to reduce their power usage.





Learn more about how you can make your business more energy efficient with smart technology by contacting Select Security. Our business security and automation solutions can be customized to fit the exact needs of your business. All with professional installation and monitoring so you can rest assured that your business is safe, and your features will work effortlessly. Give us a call at 877-877-0345 to see what smart features you can add on right now!





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