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Touchless Security Solutions for Businesses During the Coronavirus Outbreak

July 22nd, 2020

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the use of touchless technology has become even more popular. By reducing touchpoints businesses are reducing the number of surfaces from which germs can be spread. This is helpful not only to protect against COVID-19 but other illnesses that quickly spread throughout the workplace.


Touchless Disarming

DMP Touchless Security PanelDisarm with Proximity Patches at the Security Panel

Security panels are a high touch area in any place of business. With multiple people arming, disarming and adjusting settings on the panel it’s a place where germs and viruses can be easily spread from one person to another. By eliminating the need to physically interact with the panel you eliminate this touchpoint. Proximity patches allow you to disarm the system in the same manner that key fobs and key cards are used in access control systems.


Remote Disarming with Online Dashboard of Smartphone App

For small and medium sized businesses an ideal solution may be the use of your security system smartphone app. Create user accounts for any employee that would need to manage arming and disarming. They can use their phone rather than interact with the security panel. When setting up the user accounts you can give them only the privileges they need so they don’t make any unwanted changes to your security system’s settings. Learn more about keeping your online account secure in a recent article we published.


Thermal Cameras

Thermal cameras are one of the security solutions being adopted by many business due to COVID-19. New protocols requiring temperature screening and recording for certain regions and industries have been implemented. Getting your temperature taken when going on a vacation or entering a medical facility or school is the new normal. This increases the need for a reliable method that can be executed with minimal increases in labor costs involved with process of screening and recording data.


New thermal camera technology does just this and there are a variety of options to suit the needs of your business. All these solutions can streamline the process and keep your employees at a safe distance from those they are screening.


  • Handheld thermal cameras – an easy to use, portable, cost-effective solution to taking temperatures of employees or guests

  • Turret and bullet cameras – highly accurate solutions that can screen multiple people at one time expediting the temperate screening process

  • Walk-through metal detectors with thermal cameras – these devices funnel everyone who enters through a device that not only offers no-contact metal detection but uses a highly accurate turret camera for fever detection

  • Terminals – face recognition terminals can quickly scan users for a high temperature, this device can be connected to door status (open/close) to allow only users with ideal temperatures to enter

iPhone Access Control App by Brivo OnAir


Touchless Access Control

Key Fobs and Key Cards

Key fobs and key cards for access control can be implemented in place of traditional lock and key systems. Using a card instead of a pin pad eliminates the need for multiple employees to interact with the same device. Keypads or smart locks with rubber buttons or touch screens are devices that would need to be carefully sanitized regularly to prevent the spread of germs on the device.


Mobile Pass

Another access control solution incorporates the use of mobile phones as a method of entry. Using Bluetooth technology and the security features already natively found in smartphone devices to securely unlock doors. Prevent unwanted access through lost, stolen, or shared key fobs and key cards by using an app on individual employee smartphones. They log into the Mobile Pass app securely using security pins, fingerprint or face recognition technology built into their device and click to unlock the door when they are near it. Simple and secure.


Video Doorbells

Video doorbells work in a variety of settings but can be a great solution for small and medium size businesses that receive deliveries at loading docks or back doors. Easily use two-way voice to communicate with delivery drivers or visitors and use other smart features like garage door openers and locks to allow them inside without having to meet them at the door.




There are many ways a business security system can help create a healthier and safer workplace. Contact the security professionals at Select Security today to review your concerns and discuss how touchless security technology could be used in your business. Give us a call at 877-877-0345!





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