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How Does Video Surveillance Impact Your Bottom Line?

September 17th, 2019

Security cameras — primarily you rely on them to catch intruders. But have you thought about the less obvious ways that video surveillance integrated into your professional security system can bolster your return on that investment?

Some Ways are Less Obvious Than Others, But They Still Significantly Bolster Your ROI


Indisputable Proof with Video

Even when cameras aren’t being used to monitor for theft or other suspicious activities, they’re providing other kinds of benefits. For example, if an injury or accident occurs at your business, you’d have proof to see how it happened and know how to prevent future injuries or to challenge Workers’ Compensation claims that aren’t justified. That firsthand look can be valuable documentary evidence.


Video Increases Efficiency

Typically, a retail store that installs a video camera to deter shoplifting will measure the system’s ROI by traditional security metrics, such as inventory shortage. If the inventory numbers are off, or the total in a cash register isn’t what it should be, video surveillance allows you to go back and see what went wrong.


You may discover the problem is employee theft. On the other hand, your staff may need additional training. Whether it’s a restaurant employee using an overload of ingredients or a cashier failing to understand how to properly ring customers up, if ongoing errors go unnoticed, it costs you money. Cameras allow you to review your employees’ performance and take the necessary action. Compared to the time and money you’d need to invest to recruit, hire and train a new employee, it may be more cost effective to give an otherwise hardworking employee some additional training.


Valuable Video Analytics

Another impact to your financial bottom line is having valuable analytics to help you reduce costs, boost sales and improve staffing, productivity and inventory. Say you’d like to compare traffic on a weekday verses a weekend for scheduling purposes. Or perhaps you need to track traffic in a specific department or product area to help determine the impact of advertising. To get that kind of data, you don’t need to invest in a dedicated traffic count system — that kind of analytics is provided in your Select Security system, the same one that supports a fully integrated surveillance package!


For such reasons, security is slowly evolving from a “cost center” to a “cost saver.” But there are other benefits still.


Deter Criminals with Cameras Before a Crime Takes Place

When a potential intruder or disgruntled employee can see the cameras around them, they may have second thoughts about committing a crime against your business. If they think the risk of getting caught is too great because you have an expansive surveillance system, they may not even try to do anything. In this case, how do you put a price on prevention?


Reduced Labor Costs Associated with Security

But to prevent crimes against your business, wouldn’t someone have to be monitoring your cameras feeds 24/7? Rather than paying someone to monitor camera feeds where nothing happens most of the time, our Virtual Keypad app and browser give you a less labor-intensive solution. Any time a camera sensor is tripped, you’ll receive a notification, and wherever you are, you can quickly view your cameras. With a high-definition NVR integrated into your system, you also have around-the-clock recording.


You Don’t Have to Have Eyes on Your System 24/7

If, however, there’s an alarm and you’re unavailable to respond, having cameras integrated into your security system allow our trained monitoring center operators to work on your behalf and make informed decisions based on what they’re seeing. This helps us quickly identify whether the trigger is a false alarm or worthy of a police dispatch. And, without cameras, we wouldn’t be able to provide valuable details to police to help identify criminals.


The Benefits are Readily Apparent! The more benefits your security system delivers, the more it pays for itself. In our ongoing look at how a security system can help your bottom line, next we’ll review access control. In the meantime, if you’d like to discuss the video surveillance we offer, please give us a call.



Select Security is your community business partner and we are here to ensure your assets are safe and secure. Not only does a security system provide alarm services, but you can gain valuable insights from video surveillance that increase your ROI on a security system. Let’s get started on securing your business today. Call Select Security at 877-877-0345.

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