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Your Business Could Be As Smart As Your Home

August 13th, 2018

Do you ever wish your business could be as smart as your home? Imagine a world where you could control your business in the palm of your hand. It may seem impossible, but it’s not! Our unique smart systems give you opportunities to completely customize how you control your business. The services use a cloud-based technology that constantly backs up to always have an accurate response and notifications sent to your device.


Below are some of the features that can be included in our smart business options:



One app to simplify your life:

Powered by Alarm .com, out app is now available to give you control of everything. No more separate apps to activate different services and features. We give you the ability to switch to several different services so you can actively control your business. Business insights are a simple and in-depth look at how your business runs based on analytics. You can use these reports to better serve your business and employees.


Smarter Access Controls:

Smarter Access Controls means you can add people to the code list right from your device. Quickly add employees to the list or remove them upon termination. You can also limit access by time, perfect for your cleaning crew, landscaping, inventory specialist, shipping and receiving, deliveries, and more. Not having keys will not only save you time, but it will also save you money from buying new keys and changing locks.


Video Solutions:

Most security systems use traditional cameras for monitoring. New, state-of-the-art video cameras not only monitor the area, they can tell when an item is an object or a moving person. Video analytics, they can give you updated notifications when someone has stepped foot on private property at unusual times. Video cameras also have a live feed option, perfect for the type of owner/manager that travels a lot. You can also check in on your store to get an accurate video of what’s happening when you are away.


Proactive Alerts:

Our system gives you the ability to set up cameras in specific rooms that gives you alerts to let you know if something unusual happens. Does your equipment need to be in a temperature-controlled room? Do employees often leave the fridge door open? You can set up notifications that alert you when a temperature has raised so you can react and check on it before your product or equipment goes to waste. This works in various settings like restaurants, florist shops and other businesses. Be there virtually even when you can’t be physically on site.


Create alerts for when a limited access area is entered. Verify with your live or recorded video that only the people you approved area accessing private information, safes or other sensitive areas.


Visualize Trends:

Will it be busy? Will it be slow? Now with our analytics, you will be able to tell when you get the busiest and when you get unexpected busy periods. Not only does this help you control how much inventory you should have, but you can be confident in knowing when to schedule people and what times. Collect real data on how often doors open and close to monitor traffic levels.


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