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Select Security Coronavirus Impacts

We will keep this page up to date with any new policies or updates regarding our services as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Update 3/18/2020

As your service provider, we take seriously our role in preventing and slowing the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) as well as our mission to provide you with the security and life safety services you need. We are closely monitoring the situation in all of our service areas and are following the current guidance from government and health authorities as this virus spreads.

To support these efforts, we are temporarily suspending on-site non-emergency technician service calls and inspections in areas where there is a significant risk of infection as determined by our management team and federal, state, and local governments along with health organization guidance.

In all areas, regardless of risk, we are making every effort to resolve technical service issues over the phone and through remote access technology.

In instances where we cannot resolve issues remotely, we will continue to dispatch technicians along with additional protective measures as they become available to us. For example, the use of single use latex gloves, additional hand sanitizer and wipes. In areas deemed high risk, any postponed service work will be placed in a dedicated queue for processing as soon as the situation clears.

We will continue to provide all monitoring services, as well as perform emergency site visits to repair critical systems as appropriate.

You should also know that we have updated our company emergency and business continuity plans to ensure our operations continue at the highest levels and are prepared for a variety of outcomes. We continue to monitor the situation but are confident the ultimate impact to you will be minimized.

Thank you for your continued loyalty.

4/2/2020 – Notice on potential delays for equipment and parts due to the demand for delivery services. We will notify customers directly if this impacts your scheduled job. – Click here to read more.

4/23/2020 –

Are you planning to deep clean your facility?

Your security devices can be damaged by directly spraying disinfectants on them or using foggers. In addition, devices such as smoke detectors may cause unwanted alarms during the cleaning process. To protect your devices, we recommend following these steps…

  1. Cover all security devices prior to a deep clean.
  2. Put your system in test mode during cleaning to avoid false alarms.
  3. Do a complete system check after the deep clean to ensure devices are working properly.

If you are planning a deep clean prior to reopening for business or after possible exposure to COVID-19, contact us at 877-877-0345 to schedule a service appointment so we can take care of the pre-cleaning covering and post-cleaning testing.

Click here to read more.

Messages to Employees from Steve Firestone, President of Select Security:

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