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Grocery Store Security and Automation Solutions to Prevent Spreading Coronavirus

May 18th, 2020

Grocery stores can keep their employees and customers safer by implementing a few new security tools to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Grocery stores are essential in providing the needs of our communities. With this comes the challenge of handling a high flow of customers. Between social distancing measures, keeping inventory safe and monitoring employee health, you may have a hard time figuring out where to begin. We’ve taken care of that for you with these solutions catered for your business.


Be Aware of Social Distancing with Video Monitoring

New guidelines may require that grocery stores implement new policies such as closing registers, adding social distancing markers on floors and allowing adequate spacing for shoppers. With video monitoring and recording you can view and analyze if guidelines are being followed and identify any areas where improvements can be made.


A new tactic for encouraging social distancing is placing tape arrows or one-way sign in aisles so customers can keep a steady flow and not have to pass closely next to other shoppers coming in the opposite direction. Program your cameras to alert you if customers are not abiding by directional instructions in aisles, there may be problem customers that need to be approached by an employee or maybe your signs are clear enough and it’s causing many people confusion.


Use Traffic Counting Technology to Assess Store Capacity

Many grocery stores have stationed workers at entrances and exits to handle keeping count of how many customers are in the building and to enforce safety measures like wearing masks or social distancing. Reduce the need to physically monitor entrances during slow times with traffic counting technology. This could also be used to identify peak hours when more staff may be needed.


Using Thermal Cameras to Monitor Employee Health

Monitoring the health of employees and shoppers is important in ensuring that your workforce remains healthy and services remain uninterrupted. By limiting entry points and using thermal cameras throughout your facility you can easily identify individuals who may have a fever. Early identification can allow you address those individuals and ask them to leave in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in or out of the facility.


Bakery Video SolutionsPrevent Inventory Contamination with Access Control

Prevent costly loss of inventory by reducing the number of employees that have access to areas such as stock rooms, bakeries, deli and other areas. Access control solutions can be used to give a limited number of employees access to these areas.


With the addition of touchless keycard or key fob access you can have a record of when an employee was in a certain area. Back it all up with video surveillance so you can have a reliable way of knowing your inventory is being properly handled. If an employee falls ill, you have a quick reference as to what areas they accessed that may require sanitation.


Track and Monitor Your Deliveries

With various vendors making deliveries throughout the week it makes it difficult to effectively track the health of vendors and the sanitation practices they are implementing. By setting up notification for delivery areas and loading docks your employees can quickly greet drivers and inform them of your health and safety protocols so they can comply.


By dedicating certain entrances for deliveries, you can easily limit the areas these vendors access. Use intercom or video doorbells to communicate with them remotely to provide instructions.




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