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Manufacturing Facility Security and Automation Solutions to Prevent Spreading Coronavirus

May 14th, 2020

As our economy slowly opens, the need for manufacturing businesses to be fully operational is more important than ever. Due to COVID-19 you will probably face several new challenges as you develop plans to re-open. Following social distancing measures, monitoring employee health and proper contact tracing are just a few of the business hurdles will need to adapt to in order to be successful. Fortunately, solutions are available that can be easily be integrated with your current security system. And our systems can be customized to meet the unique demands of the manufacturing industry.


Use Video Solutions for Monitoring Social Distancing

Current social distancing guidelines are for people stay at least six feet apart to avoid spreading of the virus. This could lead to modifying certain aspects of your business such as shift changes or the layout of manufacturing floors. The added work involved with these adjustments could be intimidating to think about, but the latest technology can simplify this.


By adding video monitoring and recording to your existing security system, you can view and analyze if guidelines are being following and identify any areas where improvements should be made. You can even set up to receive notifications if employees are congregating in certain areas therefore not following social distancing measures.


With this solution manufacturing facilities will benefit from more awareness. Supervisors can use remote monitoring to make decisions or changes without the need to patrol the facility, saving time and money.


Monitor Employee Health with Thermal Cameras

ThermalvisionThe health and safety of your employees is extremely important. The daily monitoring of employee health will play a huge role in preventing further spread of the virus.


Instead of using more direct methods of taking employee temperatures, permanent or portable thermal cameras placed at entry points and common areas can automatically monitor employee health throughout the day. This allows for better social distancing and speed the process of health checks during shift changes making your employees more productive. With handheld thermal cameras you can enjoy the added benefit of using the same device in multiple locations, avoiding the need to purchase multiple devices.


By incorporating these solutions, you can reduce payroll expenses associated with signing employees in and create a healthier working environment. Avoid the negative impact a coronavirus outbreak could have on your manufacturing facility in terms or staff shortages, negative publicity, or possible closure. This ensures that your facility can stay fully staffed and ready to meet maximum output and increase sales volume.


Make Contact Tracing Easy with Access Control

The guidelines to reopening businesses includes the need for a strong contact tracing system to notify individuals of possible contact so they can self-quarantine until being tested in order to prevent spreading the virus. If someone in your facility tests positive you need to quickly inform your staff, security solutions are available to make this process easier.


Access control systems can be used to monitor and limit access to the building. These systems log entries of all individuals entering the building, creating useful reports that can be pulled for contact tracing in the event an employee or visitor becomes ill. With access control you can also add or revoke access to certain individuals bases on their health status. If an employee is sick, you can make sure that they can’t enter your facility before they are authorized to reduce risk of exposing other employees.


With reports ready to a pull at any given moment and technology ensuring all entry points are protected, you can save time and money while also protecting the health of your employees.




Learn more about how you can adapt your business to meet the growing challenges of COVID-19 by contacting Select Security. Our business security and automation solutions can be customized to fit the exact needs of your business. All with professional installation and monitoring so you can rest assured that your business is safe, and your features will work effortlessly. Give us a call at 877-877-0345 to see what smart features you can add on right now!






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