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Prevent Spreading Coronavirus in Your Warehouse with Security Solutions

May 15th, 2020

Warehouses are essential in feeding the supply chain with a wide array of items such as food and electronics. With the impacts of COVID-19, many businesses are needing to adjust their workflow to follow social distancing measures, ensure the health of employees and collect data for contact tracing. All these adjustments could end up costing you money, time and productivity. Thankfully, your security system can easily be upgraded with solutions perfectly suited to meet your new demands.


Use Remote Monitoring for Social Distancing

As guidelines put pressure on businesses to follow social distancing measures, you are faced with potentially adjusting the flow of your warehouse. With video monitoring and recording, you can view and analyze if guidelines are being followed and identify any areas where improvements could be made. Set up notifications if employees are congregating in certain areas such as parking lots or loading docks.


Remoting monitoring can make it easier for supervisors to make decisions on workflow changes and correct any issues with employee behavior. You can save time with triggered alerts. These alerts can act as a second set of eyes for those who may not be able to physically monitor every corner and aisle of the warehouse at one time.


Contact Tracing Made Simple with Security Cameras

Warehouse facilities face the challenge of managing the revolving flow of drivers who deliver and receive shipments. Little is known about where the driver just came from or if they potentially traveled through a coronavirus hotspot. With security cameras recording deliveries throughout the day, you can easily produce records of delivery and employee interactions making it easier to report on contact tracing if the need arises.


Promptly meet with drivers as they arrive and increase efficiency with getting trucks in and out of the facility by utilizing alerts. You can set these alerts for in and around your loading dock areas. This can decrease the time outsiders spend at the warehouse, therefore decreasing the risk of spreading the virus.


Hikvision Thermographic Turret CameraUse Thermal Cameras to Monitor Employee and Visitor Health

Monitoring the health of employees and visitors becomes more challenging due to the revolving flow of drivers in and out of the warehouse (many of which may not be employees). By proactively identifying potentially sick individuals, steps can be taken to decrease their contact with the warehouse and its employees which will keep employees safer.


Thermal cameras will become essential tools for identifying individuals who may have a fever to prevent spreading COVID-19 into or out of the facility. This impacts the warehouses bottom line by making sure they don’t suffer from a shortage of staff.



Learn more about how you can adapt your business to meet the growing challenges of COVID-19 by contacting Select Security. Our business security and automation solutions can be customized to fit the exact needs of your business. All with professional installation and monitoring so you can rest assured that your business is safe, and your features will work effortlessly. Give us a call at 877-877-0345 to see what smart features you can add on right now!




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