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Protect Your House of Worship from the Impacts of COVID-19 Using Smart Security Features

May 20th, 2020

As restrictions ease and the physical houses or worship can re-open to bring people together again, it is time to adopt new techniques to prevent the continuing spread of COVID-19. Houses of worship have done an incredible job at adapting their services during this pandemic. By using video technology, they have been able bring messages of faith to their congregations.


Technology can continue to be part of the solution to bring messages of faith to your community while keeping them healthy. Smart security features can help monitor the health of all of those you enter the building, control the flow of people to ensure adequate social distancing, keep a log of employee whereabouts for contact tracing purposes, and block off areas until they can be sanitized and prepared for reuse.


Here we provide more detail about the challenges you may face and how technology can make it easier.


Encourage Social Distancing for Your Guests

As communities begin to reopen and return to a new normal, social distancing measures are still recommended. Houses of worship traditionally bring large numbers of people together into a confined space for an extended period, this makes it difficult to practice social distancing. However, some added technology and a few adjustments such as offering more services, reducing capacity, continuing to offer virtual services and not encouraging physical contact or sharing of books can reduce the spread of the virus.


Houses of worship often have an open-door policy welcoming all people at any hour. In order to keep worship halls clean, it will be important to restrict access to only the times when services are happening and allowing time for staff to disinfect in between services.


You can also control the flow of traffic by reducing points of entry to one door. This allows guests to file in while maintaining a six-foot distance from the family in front of them. Having designated exit doors allows people to leave the building without going against the flow of incoming traffic.


Tools such as video monitoring, access control solutions like electronic door releases to keep certain doors locked from the outside and to identify high traffic areas. Recorded video clips can help you collect information needed to improve the experience while maintaining the safety precautions needed to ensure the health of your visitors.


Traffic Counting Tools Making Tracking Capacity Easy

Houses of worship generally do not turn away people, however at a time like this when it is important to not overcrowd the building and exceed the reduced capacity guidelines it may be a new necessity. Many businesses are stationing staff at entry ways to track the number of people in the building, but with limited staff on hand it may be easier for a facility to incorporate traffic counting technology to your video monitoring system to do this for you. This can save you time and resources while ensuring the safety of guests.


When your facility meets the maximum capacity, employees could use the access control system to prevent additional visitors from entering. This technology makes it easier to stay within required limits with less manual labor.


DMP Touchless Security PanelSecuring Your Buildings Access Points

During non-service hours, make sure that your facility and employees are protected from unauthorized access. Remotely control multiple points of entry and interior locks throughout your facility with access control solutions. Have these access points on a schedule or give employees key access to specific parts of the building. Remote user management makes it easy to remove access privileges for staff, volunteers or visitors, all from a mobile device, anywhere.


Do you need more awareness during non-service hours? With video monitoring you can set up with virtual trip wires to notify you when someone enters a designated area around the building. This gives you time to respond to the situation remotely and safely. Video monitoring can also be used by your professional monitoring station as visual verification so they can have emergency responders dispatched to the scene if the need arises.


Monitor Congregation and Employee Health

By designating specific entry and exit points you can focus on ensuring the health of your visitors and staff. With portable or permanent thermal cameras at entry points, you can monitor the temperature of your guests and staff as they arrive or through the day in different rooms. Save costs by using a single sensor throughout your facility depending on the service or event.


Easily Rent Space with Access Control

Being able to rent space for weddings, anniversary and other celebrations of life is another way to provide a service to your guests. Be sure that when you rent space you are protecting the rest of your facility. With access control you can give guests temporary access to rented rooms throughout your facility, remotely. No need to have additional staff monitoring or unlocking doors.


Once the room is no longer in use you can keep the room locked until it has been properly sanitized before giving access to the next group reducing the possible spread of the virus.



Select Security can help you build a plan and implement new security and monitoring features that will help protect your community when it is time to reopen. Our solutions make following CDC guidelines easier and give you more peace of mind. Not only can they help prevent further spread of the virus but they give you more physical security and awareness of activity in and around your house of worship. Contact us today to start building a new plan for increasing your awareness and protecting your community.





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