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Protect Your Nursing Home Residents from Coronavirus with Smart Security Technology

May 20th, 2020

Precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus are essential for nursing homes and assisted living facilities due to their highly vulnerable residents. Restricting visitor access, monitoring employee health, and having the quick ability to quarantine residents are just a few of the new procedures to follow.


Following guidelines such as not congregating in groups, keeping at least a 6-foot distance and wearing a mask are essential to keep the residents and employees healthy. Keeping an eye on entryways and common areas will remain important to make sure all staff and residents continue to follow the guidelines that are set.


With extra monitoring and more access control needed simplifying new processes with security technology is an easy answer to the new challenges.


Enforce Social Distancing with Video Monitoring

Prevent residents and staff from congregating in groups in areas such as staff break rooms, dining halls, and common rooms. With loitering alerts you’ll have an extra set of eyes that’ll alert you of a possible gathering of people.


Easily and quickly identify problem areas or people that may need extra attention to ensure that all of the new health and security procedures are being followed.


Collect Data for Contact Tracing with Access Control

A strong contract tracing system must be in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 through the facility and the community. This way all the necessary parties can be informed of a potential exposure. Reduce the risk of spread with control over entry points. With remote user management you can limit access to the building to only required residents and staff. You can easily add or revoke access to the facility or certain areas based on an employee’s health status, preventing them from returning to work before it’s safe to do so.


Reduce payroll expenses associated with personally monitoring entrances to log who’s been arriving or departing. Access control technology automatically logs when someone enters the building, allowing you to quickly pull reports if the need for contact tracing should arise.


Thermographic Handheld Camera with Screen OnMaintain a Healthy Workforce with Thermal Cameras

Monitoring the health of employees is important in ensuring that your staff remains healthy so that can focus on the care of your residents. Nursing home and assisted living facilities by nature are home to high-risk individuals that need to reduce their possible exposure to the coronavirus. By limiting entry points and using thermal cameras throughout your facility you can easily identify individuals who may have a fever. Early identification can allow you address those individuals and ask them to leave in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in or out of the facility.


With portable solutions, you can monitor employee and resident health throughout the day and respond accordingly. This eliminates the need to purchase multiple devices, saving you money and adding flexibility.


Protect Your Facility with Automated Security Solutions

During times of economic unrest, there may be a chance of increased burglaries. Being a facility that cares and provides for high-risk residents, you may house valuable equipment and medications. Keep these assets safe with an automated security system fully equipped with glass break detectors, motion sensors and video monitoring. Continuously monitor your facility remotely, and quickly respond to any potential threats.


Reduce the chance of employee theft with security cameras located near storage rooms and limit access to certain parts of the facility with access control. You can also maintain a record of who has entered rooms during specific times of the day. This data can be useful in the event inventory has gone missing.


Keep Residents Healthier by Easily Enforcing Quarantine Protocols

Due to the high-risk nature of residents at nursing homes and assisted living facilities, there is the possibility of having to quarantine areas of the facility to prevent the spread of infection. Control where employees and residents have access to with remote user management. You can quickly and easily quarantine entire floors or wings of your facility using an online dashboard or mobile app.


With key cards and fobs, you can practice touchless entry in and out of rooms, preventing the spread of germs throughout the facility.


Real Time Alerts for Residents on the Go

Some residents may not follow or understand social distancing guidelines or the need to shelter in place. Be aware of resident’s behavior with triggered alerts through video monitoring. Create virtual tripwires to notify when residents leave the facility or enter restricted areas.


Use information gathered through video analytics to make decisions on potentially putting someone on quarantine who has been exposed to the virus. Keep your residents and visitors save with increased awareness.



Learn more about how you can adapt your nursing home or assisted living facility to face the challenges of COVID-19 by contacting Select Security. Our business security and automation solutions can be customized to fit your needs. Give us a call at 877-877-0345 or contact us online to see what features you can add on right now!

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