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Restaurants and Bars Can Use Security Technology to Help Adapt to New Guidelines for Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus

May 18th, 2020

Prepare your restaurant to welcome diners as business reopen after the coronavirus outbreak. Restaurants have been drastically impacted by the enforcement of stay at home order and social distancing guidelines and reopening brings news challenges.


Bringing people together over food and drinks is the core function of a restaurant and bar. You will need to find creative ways to modify layout and update processes to ensure the safety of your guests and employees.


Solutions are available to make these modifications smoother, with tools ready to get the job done


Video Monitoring to Manage Crowds and Enforce Social Distancing

With social distancing measures still in effect for some time, you may be operating at a reduced capacity. With technology available today, you can track and monitor traffic levels so that you are continuously follow recommended guidelines. With video monitoring you can remotely identify when larger gatherings are occurring in areas such as parking lots, waiting rooms or outdoor dining areas.


Using traffic counting technology in conjunction with door sensors allows you to track traffic patterns throughout the day in your facility. Use this data to make decisions related to table placements, hours of operations, staffing needs and special promotions. Rely on solid data points to make educated business decisions, allowing you to save time and be more profitable.

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Use Real Time Alerts to Protect Outdoor Spaces

With limitations to indoor capacity, you may be planning to add outdoor dining areas to expand seating. Make sure you have these new spaces protected from theft and vandalism, during and after business hours. Consider adding security cameras with alerts and live view options to increase your awareness. Your staff can monitor outdoor areas or extra dining rooms with live views on almost any device from the back of house, hostess station or even from home.


If you have multiple locations, dedicate one person to reviewing security footage for potential issues from offsite. Easy remote monitoring can help save you money and keep your guests safe.


ThermalvisionBe Aware of Health with Thermal Cameras

Monitoring employee health will remain critical in ensuring you have a full staff and healthy guests. With portable thermal cameras you can monitor temperatures and swiftly be alerted of a potential illness. This will give you time to respond accordingly and prevent the risk of spreading the illness to the rest of staff and guests.


By using portable solutions, you can monitor temperatures throughout the day. Maintaining a healthy workforce alleviates costs related to a shortage of staff.


Keep Inventory Safe with Access Control

You may want to limit access into certain rooms to prevent multiple people from entering and potentially contaminating food and other supplies. Access controls allows you to set restrictions for which employees have access to specific rooms reducing the risk of contamination and theft.


Remotely add or revoke access to employees based on health status, further protecting your guests, fellow employees and inventory.



Select Security can help you restaurant increase your security and awareness with a variety of options. We will work with you to build a custom solution that fits your restaurant’s needs. Contact our security professionals today to start the conversation about increasing the safety and health of your employees and customers.

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