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How Retail Businesses Can Use Smart Security Technology to Ease the Reopening of their Stores after Closing Due to the Coronavirus

May 15th, 2020

As retail stores re-open physical locations after the coronavirus shut down there are several security features they can use to benefit their bottom line. Non-essential retail establishments were some of the first businesses advised to shutter their doors to help curb the spread of COVID-19. In the early phases of reopening, consider the many changes for retail businesses in the past couple months.


Many stores have opted to increase their ecommerce options and offer pick up or local delivery. For physical locations, social distancing, wearing face masks and monitoring health are just a few of the new protocols retail business will need to adapt to. Lessen the burden of these changes with solutions specifically catered to help your retail business.


Increase Awareness with Door Sensors

Easily monitor who is entering or near your facility with security cameras and door sensors. Receive notifications directly to your smart phone anytime someone enters, eliminating the need to hire more staff to monitor the sales floor.


With video monitoring you can easily practice social distancing and multi-task such as processing ecommerce orders while customers browse the shop.


Reduce Capacity with Access Control

Business models will have to adapt to new norms. Trends are shifting to more ecommerce options and some retail establishments are opening by appointment only. Both methods can help reduce foot traffic but allows you to keep providing your customers with excellent products.


Due to the ongoing concern with the coronavirus, businesses are encouraged to operate at half capacity. Installing devices at the front door allow you to monitor and control access into the building. Intercom systems can be used to communicate with customers prior to them entering and can be used in conjunction with electronic door releases if entry is permitted by appointment only. When a store meets maximum capacity employees could use the system to prevent additional customers from entering.


Improve the shopping experience for customers by reinforcing that their health is important, and they can shop without having to be concerned about crowds. Streamline the process of giving customers access without delay and managing the front door remotely to prevent going over maximum capacity.


App Video Doorbell DeliveryConfirm Deliveries with Video and Real Time Alerts

With the new lax policies regarding signature upon delivery many drivers are leaving packages outside without knocking or ringing doorbells which can result in stolen or damaged goods. Installing security cameras in areas where packages are delivered in one step towards protecting your supplies.


Video doorbells allow workers to communicate with the delivery drivers from anywhere in the store, even while helping customers. Use video doorbells with smart locks to let drivers know they can put the package inside the door and then lock up after they leave without dropping the task at hand or leaving the retail floor unsupervised.  Spend less time worrying about your delivery and more time providing a satisfactory customer experience.


Keep Your Business Safe with Security Systems

During times of economic unrest, it is common to see an increase in burglaries. Keep your inventory safe with an automated security system fully equipped with glass break detectors, motion sensors and video monitoring. Continuously monitor your facility remotely, and quickly respond to any potential threats.


Reduce the chance of employee thefts with security cameras located near storage rooms and limit access to certain parts of the facility with access control. You can also maintain a record of who has entered rooms during specific times of the day. This data can be useful in the event inventory has gone missing.


Video monitoring in conjunction with traditional alarm systems can serve as a means of providing visual verification so emergency responders can be dispatched to the building faster.


Portable Thermal Solutions to Monitor Health

Monitoring the health of employees and shoppers is important in ensuring that your workforce remains healthy and operations remain uninterrupted. By limiting entry points and using portable thermal cameras throughout your facility you can easily identify individuals who may have a fever. Early identification allows you address those individuals and ask them to leave in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in or out of the facility.


Customers will value the extra precaution being taken to ensure they can have a safe and healthy shopping experience.



Select Security can help you figure out what technology your business can benefit from so you can safely reopen and protect your business. Simplify added responsibilities for your employees to help them effectively implement new procedures to prevent spreading the coronavirus. Keep you employees and customers happy by giving them more peace of mind that their health is a top priority! Contact us today to discuss our latest solutions. 






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