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Security Technology to Help Medical Facilities Adapt to Post-Coronavirus Practices

May 19th, 2020

Technology can play a role in increasing the health and security of medical facilities as we phase through reopening after the coronavirus outbreak. Like many other industries, the medical field has already taken many aspects of their traditional care solutions and adapted them for a virtual environment. As medical facilities around the country begin to reopen, they are faced with new guidelines and pressure to ensure the safety and good health of their patients, staff and visitors.


There is no doubt that adjusting to these changes will take time and resources, but there are security and monitoring solutions available to make that transition smoother, saving you time and money so that you can focus on providing continued quality care.


Thermographic CamerasPortable Health Monitoring with Thermal Cameras

The idea is simple, by monitoring employee and patient health you can help prevent the spread of COVID-19. With thermal cameras, you can monitor the temperature of guests and staff as they enter the facility and be alerted of a possible illness. This allows you to immediately respond to the situation and handle appropriately.


With portable handheld units, you can move the sensor around your facility, such as a break room to continue monitoring temperature throughout the day. Or used fixed bullet and turret thermal cameras to keep a constant eye on your entry ways.


Encourage Social Distancing with Video Monitoring

As medical facilities slowly begin filling their schedules with more routine visits and elective procedures, they must ensure that everyone will be following social distancing measures as recommended by the CDC. This daunting task can easily be simplified with video monitoring and alerts. Remotely monitor staff break rooms, cafeterias, loading areas, waiting rooms and more to detect prolonged gathering of groups that go against the guidelines.


With loitering alerts, you can let your staff focus on their job at hand without having to pick up this extra responsibility. Once set up, alerts sent to your smartphone can help by giving you an extra pair of eyes throughout your facility, helping enforce proper social distancing.


Defend Yourself from Increased Crime with Alarm Systems

During times of economic unrest, we often see an increase in burglaries. Being a medical facility, you house valuable equipment and medications. Keep these assets safe with an automated security system fully equipped with glass break detectors, motion sensors and video monitoring. Continuously monitor your facility remotely, and quickly respond to any potential threats.


Reduce the chance of employee thefts with security cameras located near storage rooms and limit access to certain parts of the facility with access control. You can also maintain a record of who has entered rooms during specific times of the day. This data can be useful in the event inventory has gone missing.


Verify Appointments with Access Control

Soon, waiting rooms may become a thing of the past. Medical facilities must think about how they are going to schedule appointments in a way that everyone can properly follow guidelines. Using technology such as a video monitoring and an intercom system, you can remotely verify appointments and proper safety protocols before allowing patients enter the facility. Once verified, you can use an electronic door release to safely grant access for the patient or visitor.


By limiting the number of people in the building and verifying procedures, you are reducing risk and keeping staff and patients healthy. This also reduces the need for the custodial staff to be constantly attending to keeping waiting rooms disinfected.


Remote User Access Providing Data for Contact Tracing

Contact tracing is essential in minimizing outbreaks within a geographical area. By knowing who has been in and out of your facility you can quickly aid officials in contacting those who may have been exposed. Access control systems will log who enters and at what time allowing the facility to download a report for any given day or time to easily pull reports for contact tracing if an employee or patient becomes ill. This reduces to need to divert staff time to personally monitor an arrival and departure log.


Access control systems also allow employers to easily add or revoke access based on an employee’s health status to make sure sick employees are not entering the building before they are authorized to return to work.



Keep your medical facility operating smoothly with the assistance of advanced security technology. Our security professionals at Select Security will work with you to design a system that meets all of your needs. Call us today at 877-877-0345 or read more about our solutions and contact us online.

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