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Making Your
Business Safer

More than just security - keep your employees and customers healthy.

Making Your<br/> Business Safer

Smarter, Healthier Security


With our specially designed solutions you can stay on top of the pressing issues caused by COVID-19. By ensuring the health and safety of your employees and customers you can keep running your business smoothly and provide high quality  products and services. We understand your unique challenges and are here to help give you more peace of mind as you adapt to changes needs in the current environment.

  • Make it easier to monitor and enforce social distancing practices
  • Monitor health to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your business
  • Easily download data to make contact tracing simple and easy if the need arises
  • Increase awareness by adding access control to limit capacity and protect inventory or data


Monitoring Employee and Customer Health

With the use of thermal cameras at entry points and in common areas you can quickly and efficiently complete temperature checks. By monitoring the health of your employees and customers you can quickly identify high fevers and reduce the possibility of spreading COVID-19 throughout your business. Give yourself more peace of mind.

The use of handheld thermal cameras reduces your need to invest in multiple cameras for monitoring health in different areas of the facility. Simply move the camera from entry points to common areas as needed. Or invest in highly accurate bullet and turret cameras for entryways so you don’t miss a single person!

Thermographic Handheld Camera with Screen On


  • Thermal cameras
  • Handheld thermal cameras
  • Temperature alerts
  • Access control

Maintaining Safe Capacity Levels

With more control over entry points using access control solutions you will have more awareness of who is in your building and when. Access control systems with electronic door releases allow you to set up your store to appointment only, prevent more customer from entering when you reach a maximum safe capacity and keep record of who is coming and going for contact tracing purposes.

Access control solutions also provide your business with peace of mind knowing that you can update user privileges instantly. Temporarily revoke access of sick employees or protect inventory by limiting the number of employees that can access certain areas.

Key Card Access Control for Business


  • Access control
  • Electronic door releases
  • Intercom

Following Social Distancing Guidelines

With video monitoring and recording you can view and analyze if guidelines are being followed by employees and customers and identify areas where improvements could be made. Quickly find out if there are any problem areas, allowing you to quickly adapt your business as needed.

Your business will benefit from increased awareness without needing to have additional staff physically monitor all areas of the building.

Security Cameras


  • Security cameras
  • Loitering alerts

Preventing Inventory Theft

With the current economic downturn, thefts are on the rise. Reduce employee theft by installing security cameras in stock rooms and at all entry points. Access control can also be used to limit who has access to certain areas which also provides a record of who entered the rooms and when if there is an issue with inventory going missing. Stock Room Live Video


  • Security cameras
  • Access control

Securing Your Deliveries

Security cameras and video doorbells are great solutions for back of house delivery areas where drivers may leave packages unattended with new contactless delivery methods in place.

Video doorbells would allow for workers to communicate with delivery drivers from anywhere in the building. Remotely unlock the door for contactless delivery and lock it when they depart. Don’t worry about your deliveries going unnoticed and losing inventory from damage or theft.

DMP Video Doorbell


  • Security cameras
  • Video doorbell
  • Smart lock
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