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Navigate through our frequently asked questions to find more information about our products and services, troubleshooting, account info, and billing. If one of our FAQs does not answer your question, feel free to contact us using the form below or call us today.

stay informed on social media and email

How can I stay informed about the latest features and devices? 

Simply follow us on social – FacebookLinkedIn, or Twitter to stay up to date on the latest features, devices and tipsYou can also check out our blog for both business and residential security and safety tips. And read your monthly customer newsletter that highlights the latest news!  


What is the difference between the verbal passcode and the keypad code? 

Your verbal code is what you give central monitoring or customer care/experience to verify your account. This is typically a word without numbers. Your keypad code is the code you use onsite to arm/disarm the security system and is always numerical. You may also have a username and password that is associated with your security system’s online dashboard. For tips on choosing secure pass codes check out our blog post – read more. 


Does Select Security offer a referral program? 

As a current Select Security customer you can earn a $100 account credit for every person you refer who becomes a new customer with us. This credit can be applied towards monitoring costs or towards the purchase of new devices. More information on our referral program can be found here 

add on devices

Who do I contact if I want to add new devices? 

Our Inside Sales team will gladly help you purchase and add new devices to your system. You can contact them at 877-877-0345 Option 4.  

yard sign

How do I get new yard signs and stickers?  

Simply contact our Customer Care department or fill out our contact form below indicating you would like new signs and stickers for your property.

schedule appointment

Who do I contact to troubleshoot a malfunctioning device?

You can contact our Customer Care department at 877-877-0345, option 3. We may be able to assist you with the issue over the phone or we can schedule a technician to visit and resolve the issue.

low battery

How do I get replacement batteries?

Batteries can be purchased by calling our Service Coordination team at 877-877-0345 ext. 7230.

test system

How often should I test my system and who do I call to put my system on test mode?

It is recommended that you test your system monthly to ensure all your devices are working efficiently. To put your system on test mode, you can call our Customer Care team at 877-877-0345 ext. 7200.

false alarm

What happens if I trigger a false alarm?

In the event of a false alarm, call 877-877-0345, option 1 to cancel an alarm. To avoid setting off a false alarm, you can read our tips in our article – read more.

schedule inspection

Who do I call to schedule an inspection?

To schedule an inspection, you can contact our Service Coordination team at 877-877-0345 ext. 7230.

online bill pay

How do I pay my bill online? 

Visit our online bill pay dashboard – Select MyAccount. From there you can log in, view your open invoices, make payments, and update payment methods. If you don’t have an account simply create one using your email address and Select Security Account Number that can be found on your invoice.  

recurring payment

How do I set up recurring payments? 

To set up recurring payments sign into your Select MyAccount. Add a credit card or bank account and check the box that reads “Use this for auto bill payment” which will enable the auto pay feature for all future recurring invoices. If you already have a payment method in your account, you can edit that payment and check the box to enable auto pay.  

credit card

My credit card expired; how do I update it? 

Log into your Select MyAccount and navigate to the Methods of Payment tab. From there you can edit or add a credit card or bank account.  

contact list

How do I update my contact list? 

To update your emergency contact list please contact our Customer Care team at 877-877-0345, option 3.  


Who do I contact to make changes to my account?    

Our Customer Care team can gladly assist you in making changes to your accountThey can be reached at 877-877-0345 ext. 7200. 


Do I have to register or obtain a permit to have security at my home or business?    

Maybe, many municipalities require that your alarm system is registered. For commercial purposes most areas require permits and inspections for alarm systems. For more information on what kind of registration or permit you need you can contact our Customer Care department at 877-877-0345 ext. 7200. 


I am moving, what should I do? Can I take my system with me? 

While we do not move systems, we would be happy to connect you with one of our Product Specialists so that we can get you set up with an upgraded system at your new home. If you have further questions, you can contact our Product Specialist at 877-877-0345 ext. 8704 


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