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Our Service Department

Our Service Department

Are you having trouble with your Select Security system? Our service department is here to help!

It all starts with our service coordinators, who make themselves available to any customer in need of assistance. We’ve armed them with the knowledge and technology needed to briefly assess your needs, and find the best match for your problem from our team of technicians. Our service coordinators also work hands on with our Customer Relationship Representatives using a specialized software package to help them identify patterns in service requests, giving us the opportunity to proactively identify and solve recurring problems.

Our technicians are constantly trained on the latest products and services through Select University, our educational program administered by our corporate training manager. Our curriculum consists of a mix of manufacturer product training, installation protocols, and a regular safety meetings, all with a focus on increasing our knowledge and promoting consistently high levels of service.

Through the use of Select University, we are able to map out our team members individual technical proficiencies, information that we can use to match our technicians to issues they are experienced in solving. We’ve also installed a bank of televisions for our service coordinators to use in maximizing the efficiency of our technicians. With a live feed of the weather, technician locations, and real-time traffic reports, our coordinators are able to reroute technicians if needed.

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