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Event Safety

October 29th, 2018

Are you planning a large event for your company or an outside company? As you go down your checklist of things to do, have you added event safety and security on there? Sometimes safety can be the last thing we think about, but it should come first especially for your attendees. Below is some information on what to consider and how to plan for if an emergency would occur.


  1. Chain of Command: In case of an emergency, do you have a chain of command written in place? A chain of command is a series of communications that someone is in charge with making all the decisions. The series of demands should come from Director of Operations and then so on. Having a set list of commands will create less confusion and fewer errors.
  2. Assess your security team: Before the event, make sure to evaluate your security team. Whether it is a security team you hired or your own staff make sure that everyone is on the same page. Look for holes in the system and prepare what to do next. It is better to over prepare then to under prepare.
  3. Visible Security Presence: Is there a plan to be visible to your attendees? Having a visible security presence can ease your guests and help if there is something wrong. Security team members can direct guests if there is an emergency or help with locating a specific location.
  4. Emergency Services: When guests are arriving, if you are handing out venue/event information, make sure to point out where they can find the emergency services such as medics or security staff.
  5. Know the Venue Layout: Before your event, make sure you study the layout. If it is your own venue you are using, make sure to show your event staff the emergency exits, stairs and important areas for emergencies. Show them where certain items are located. If this is a brand-new venue, make sure you tour the venue beforehand. This will help you prep an emergency plan and coordinating with venue staff on what to do. When your team shows up the day of the event make sure to let them tour to get a sense of where to go and who to report to.
  6. Making your emergency plan: This is the most important part of your event. An emergency plan is a detailed layout instructing on what to do in different scenarios which may include weather, violence or fire. Follow these steps to make sure you cover everything in your plan:
    1. Evacuation for guests-Have a set plan on how and where your guests should evacuate a property. Also, make sure you have a way to keep everyone counted for your records to let you know your team is safe. This count should include your team members, security team and any executive members.
    2. Evacuation for VIP members- Do you have any of your company’s executive members attending? If you do, make sure you have a specific plan set in place, so they can evacuate quickly and securely. This can also include entertainment or speakers that were attending your event.
    3. Contact List- What is your contact list looking like? Make a quick contact list so you can notify and connect with the right people during a crisis. Having this quick list will also help keep your team members calm.
    4. Lockdown Facility- Be instructed and know how to demonstrate if a facility needs to be locked down. Assign certain people in charge of locking down the building.
    5. Traffic Control- Whether it is cars or directing people, you should have complete control over how everyone is exiting. Make sure you have enough people in the area to direct people.
    6. Password lockdown- If a lockdown happens, investigate seeing if you can make a “password” that your team can say to enter rooms when a lockdown occurs, keeping everyone safe.

After hosting your event, make sure to go over the procedures you practiced and see how it could be better improved. Does it need more security staff? A better understanding of the layout? Also, you can give out a survey to the attendees to see how the public took your security measures.


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