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12 Days of Safety: Wrapped Up!

December 24th, 2018

Happy Holidays everyone! We hope you are planning on having a safe and joyful holiday season. If you have been following our social media you may have noticed we have been counting down the days with ’12 Days of Safety’. The purpose of this is to remind and inform you or any of our followers about the common dangers when it comes to winter and the holidays. Many times, we are so busy we forget to think when setting up decorations, lighting candles on fire or even letting company in. We have collected all the safety tips, so you can use this guide to have a safe and fun holiday season!

  1. Text Alerts: Sign up for text alerts and Twitter notifications from your local weather station or state government account. This will help if you are on the go and need to know about road conditions, or if it is safe to travel to work.
  2. Power Strip Safety: NEVER plug your space heater into a power strip. These units are not designed to handle high energy flow needed for a space heater which can cause the power strip to overheat, melt or even catch on fire. Make sure you are supporting the current flow for it.
  3. Online Shopping: You may be getting more packages delivered to your door than previous years. Always know when you are getting packages to plan when you can receive them. If you are away during a delivery, ask a neighbor to keep in their home until you return.
  4. Winter Car Check: Have you recently done a winter car check yet? When checking your vehicle make sure to test the battery, wipers, coolant, and tires and stock your snow/ice emergency kit.
  5. Car Snow/Ice Emergency Kit: You may be reading a lot about a snow/ice emergency kit, but what exactly is in it? These are items that should be in your car to help you through unexpected weather. Your kit should include:
    -Portable charger
    -Energy Bars & Water
    -First Aid Kit
  6. Home Winter Emergency Kit: Whether you are in a state that gets a lot of snow or ice, you should always have a home emergency kit in case of a power outage. In your home emergency kit include:
    -extra blankets
    -Battery powered lights and flashlights
    -Portable charger
    -First Aid Kit
    -Water and food
  7. Traveling and Social Media: Avoid posting where and when you are going. Many burglars will watch your social media to determine when you won’t be home, so they can target your home
  8. Pets: Keep a close eye on pets this holiday season. As more decorations are going up, plants are being brought in your home and candles being lit; it becomes more of a danger to your furry friend. Make sure you keep candles up high to avoid their tail accidentally knocking over it. Also, some holiday plants can be poisonous to your pet!
  9. Hiding Boxes: As you are wrapping presents or opening gifts make sure to hide higher priced item’s boxes. Burglars during the holidays will watch families’ trash to see if they have gotten anything valuable. Either wait the day of trash day or hide the boxes when throwing away
  10. Holiday Lights: Before you have company over, double check all your lights to see if there is any fraying. Little ones like to touch and grab holiday decoration and frayed lights can be a danger to them.
  11. Timer Lights: Utilize timers on your lights inside your home. Timer lights give the illusion that is someone is actively home, which can be beneficial if someone is watching your home. You should have a timer on the lamps/lights inside but also your outdoor porch light!
  12. Candle Fires: Did you know? The top 3 days for candle fires are on Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Years. This holiday season make sure you are blowing out your candles before leaving the room, and not letting them burn for a long period of time. Before you light them make sure you check your smoke detector’s batteries!


We are wishing you a safe and enjoyable holiday this season. Always remember to inform others about safety precautions especially in your own home!

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