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7 Ways Smart Home Cameras Make Your Life Better

January 24th, 2019

If you’ve never owned a smart home camera, it could be tough to imagine how it fits into your everyday life. You may wonder how people use smart home cameras and why they decide to install them . We put together seven ways we know our customers use their smart home cameras to give you ideas and show you how great they can be!


4 Ways to Keep Pets Safe and Secure at Home

  1. Check on your pets during the day.


If you ever wondered what your pet gets up to during the work day, now you can know for sure! Access your video feeds from your phone at any time. You can see if they’re sleeping, eating, playing, or maybe even causing trouble.


  1. Make sure your kids got home safely from school.


If you have children, it’s never convenient that school lets out earlier than most workplaces. Now you can receive a notification when they enter the home and check your video feed to make sure they’ve arrived safely.


  1. Use them for communication.


Tired of yelling to find out where your husband is? Just pull up your smart home app and flip through your video cameras until you find him! On some cameras,  If you have a question for him, you can even connect speakers to the cameras and use it as an intercom system to talk.

  1. Get night vision.


You never have to wonder what that bump in the night was again. Your smart home camera can be equipped with night vision technology. Whether there was a sneaky raccoon in your trash can or some neighborhood kids taking a shortcut through your yard, the night vision camera can alert you and record any sizable movements.





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  1. See who’s at the door without getting up from the couch.


We’ve all had days where we want to pretend that we’re not home. A smart camera makes it easier. When the doorbell rings or your camera’s motion sensor detects movement, you’ll know about it. You can then view the camera feed and decide if it’s worth getting up off that couch.

  1. Let the delivery driver inside.

If you have the doorbell connected to your camera, take it a step further. With your smart home camera, doorbell, and door lock, you can actually remotely unlock your door for a delivery driver! If they stop by and you’re not home, you’ll see the doorbell notification pop up on your phone. You can video answer the doorbell, unlock the door to let them inside, and then relock the door once they leave.

  1. Make your overall security system stronger.

Part of making your life better is making it safer. Smart home cameras fit in seamlessly with security systems. They allow you to monitor what’s going on at your home and even send video evidence to the police. We highly recommend using smart cameras in conjunction with monitored security services. These professional services make your home much safer and allow you to get the most out of your investment.


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