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Back to School Safety Tips

August 6th, 2019

It’s August! And you know what that means… back to school craziness is about to begin! Before you go back to school shopping and getting into the routine of your little one’s schedule, make sure you are going through the necessary steps to protect your child and home. As back to school happens each year, your children may be taking on new responsibilities and being home more often by themselves. To protect them but not be overbearing, we have some solutions to keep everyone in the family happy!


Here are some topics to go over with your children before school starts:


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General Safety

  • Remind your child to follow the playground rules. These usually include using the playground equipment properly, sharing the equipment with other children and listening to the teacher or playground supervisor.

  • Educate yourself on backpack safety and make sure they are not too heavy on your child’s back. Straps should be wide enough to support the weight.


Teen Driving Safety:

  • Be sure your teenager successfully obtains their driving permit and becomes educated on driving laws and vehicle regulations before you hit the road for some true skills tests. Enrolling your teenager in a driving class at school or privately may be the best way to educate them on safe driving practices.

  • Set a limit for how many people can be in the car with your teenager to avoid distractions.

  • Review with your child basic car safety like tire checks and oil changes. If they would break down or encounter a flat tire they will be less likely to panic in the situation. Investing in a roadside assistance plan may also give you some peace of mind.

  • Go over a step by step process or even have them recite what they would do in a situation where they had a fender bender. Many first-time drivers do not know who to call when they are in those situations.

  • Teach your teens the importance of not driving under the influence. This should even include not driving when they are tired. Be sure to enforce permit restrictions on how late at night they can be driving.


School Violence Prevention:

  • If your child sees something unusual let them know that is okay to report it to a teacher. Even if it’s their friend, reporting the behavior can help protect other children.

  • Know the signs of bullying. Have an open conversation with your child about their day at school. Let them know that bullying is wrong and make sure they know they can confide in you, another family member, a family friend or a school teacher.

  • Monitor your child’s online activity and block inappropriate websites and chat sites. Setting up restrictions is simple and can make you rest easy.


Select SmartHome Back to School Safety TipsBus Safety:

Getting on the bus:

  • Make sure you or another responsible adult walks with your child to the bus stop and shows them how to properly get on and off the bus. If your school offers a ‘bus day’ before the start of the year, this can be a good time to get your kids familiar with the routine.

  • Make sure your children are standing on the sidewalk and not the curb when the bus pulls up.

  • Show your children how to walk far enough in front of the bus so the driver can see you when you are crossing.

  • Always use bus handrails especially when raining outside.

  • Before approaching the bus, make sure it makes a complete stop and doors open.


While on the bus:

  • Stay in your seat until there is a complete stop.

  • Remind them that shouting or moving around the bus can distract the bus driver and affect the safety of the entire bus.

  • Keep sharp items like pencils in backpacks – Homework can wait!

  • If there are seatbelts, use them! If there are no seatbelts always stay seated and facing forward.

  • Keep aisles clear, feet in your own space and backpacks on your seat or under your seat. Avoid having them dangle in the aisle to make a safe pathway.

  • Also, no hands, arms and heads out the window!


Getting off the bus:

  • Hold on to the handrail when exiting

  • Wait until the bus is at a complete stop before walking down the stairs. This will help prevent falling or losing your balance.

  • If you must cross in front of the bus make sure you walk far enough out that your bus driver can see you made it to the other side safely.


Walking Safety:

  • Make sure your children are leaving early enough to get to school on time or a few minutes early.

  • Use a route you and your child agreed on to prevent them from walking on streets that do not have sidewalks or have busy traffic.

  • Before walking across a street make sure to look driver in the eyes to make sure they are paying attention. Always stay in cross walks when they are available.

  • Look both ways when crossing the street and walk with precaution when crossing.

  • Find a neighborhood friend to walk to and from school with. This will prevent injuries, endangerment and will keep your child feeling safe.

  • If you can, meet your child halfway or walk them halfway until they become comfortable walking on their own. If you can’t be at home when they are due to arrive, a home security system can alert you of their safe arrival.


Home Alone:

If your child is old enough to be at home alone before and/or after school you may want some extra peace of mind. Did they leave for school on time? Did they remember to lock the door? Did they come home on time? Did they bring a friend home with them without permission? Children bring lots of surprises but with your alarm system, personalized access codes, video motion detection alerts or even a video doorbell you can give yourself some peace of mind that everything is ok on the home front.

Be sure to set the ground rules of who is allowed at the house, especially when you aren’t there to supervise. Consider making swimming pools off limits and lock up the liquor cabinet. If you own any weapons, be sure to keep them in a locked safe.



This list provides a general overview of some basic safety tips to cover with your children before they go back to school. Always communicate to your children that if they need help they should come to you, a family member or a teacher. Have a great Back-to-School season! If you want some extra peace of mind to know what is happening in your home when you can’t be there, consider a Select SmartHome Alarm System that can send you real times alerts to keep you informed.

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