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Save Energy This Summer with Energy Efficient SmartHome Technology

June 11th, 2019

Summer brings hot weather and sometimes a lot of indoor times. If every summer you are finding it harder to keep your energy costs down, we may have a solution to you. Saving money on your energy services in your home or business is all about control. A lot of times there are multiple people controlling your devices, make it a point to keep one person in charge of the controls. Here are simple ways to cut down your energy to save money this summer:

smart thermostatSmarter Thermostats

How many times a day does your thermostat get touched? If you are constantly controlling your thermostat you might be contributing your high energy bill. This summer make the invest in a smart thermostat for your home. We all know some people prefer warmer temperatures, especially in small business settings you may find your employees are constantly adjusting the temperature settings. With a smart thermostat you will be able to:

  • Lock your thermostat: Have your thermostat locked so only one person can control the temperature. This will give your home or business more stability with the temperature and not have large spikes at random times in the day.

  • Adjust your temperatures: Weekend getaway? Shop closed for a Holiday? Employees forget to adjust the temperature when they close for the night? When you aren’t there, adjust the temperatures so your AC isn’t cooling an empty space. Raise it to normal temperature, like (75 F) and then adjust when needed right before you return.

Set Up Notifications

This summer you may have a busy schedule which can often lead to forgetfulness. Everyone’s been there where they left the lights on, the back door open or forget to lock the door in a rush to get outside. With our security systems and smart features you can set up “rules” where if a door is left open or the lights are still on at odd hours, you will get a notification.

Clean Your Vents

Before your AC kicks in for the summer, take time to replace filters, clean vents and replace anything that is old and dusty. Not only is it bad for your health, but it can cause your energy bill to skyrocket. Blockage can make your AC work harder which can cause costly maintenance bills. You can find new filters at your local hardware store or order them online.

Tune Up Your AC

How old is your AC? If you have an older air conditioner you may need to tune it or upgrade. Older AC often take more energy to work and keep your house or business cold. To fix this call your local HVAC company! Is your central air connect to your smart thermostat? A combination of an energy efficient system that is properly maintained combined with a smart thermostat can really help save money.

Invest in LED Lightssmart lightbulb

LED lights may be a little more expensive than your normal light bulb, but they make a significant change in your electric bill. You can also integrate smart lights into your security system so you set rules and automations related to your lights. Have the entry light turn on when you enter, but only after dark so it isn’t turning on at unnecessary times. You can also program these rules so the light will automatically turn off after the amount of time you specify. You’ll never forget to turn a light off again! And if you did forget…you can turn off the lights from anywhere with your smartphone app.


With all these tips to keeping your energy bill down you will be able to enjoy your summer! Interested in talking to a professional on how we can help? Call Select Security at 877-877-0345 Option, 4.

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