We are all familiar with the dreaded low battery beep in our homes. Sometimes it strikes in the dead of night…or the beep evades you for hours. We have some tips to help you track down the beep faster!


If you have a home alarm system you may think that the noise you are trying to track down is a low battery alert for one of the devices connected to your security system. But often, the low battery chirp is simply coming from a battery-operated electronic device in your home.


Locating the Device with a Low Battery

Listen…is the noise a “beep” or a “chirp”? If the chirp is seconds or minutes apart, it’s likely not coming from your alarm system. Instead look around your home for devices like the following:

  • Electrician installed smoke alarms with battery backup

  • Carbon monoxide alarms

  • Battery-operated smoke alarms

  • The electronic controller on exercise equipment like a bike or treadmill

  • Battery-operated meat thermometer

  • Toys


Sometimes these items are hard to track down because the beep bounces around the room. The device with the low battery might have been taken down and put into storage. If you’re having trouble locating the device be sure to look in some less obvious places like under the bed, on a shelf in the closet, on top of a cabinet, or in a drawer.


Recognizing Low Battery Alerts for Your Alarm System

qolsys screen for thermostat controls and battery levelIf a device connected to your alarm system has a low battery there will generally be beeping and an alert on your keypad. This could be a trouble light or a notification on the display. These notifications can usually be silenced temporarily on the keypad by acknowledging the alert. Sometimes this requires a disarm code.


Battery life of some devices can be monitored on your alarm panel such as locks and thermostats.


Other sensors will display a low battery warning on the alarm panel if the battery is not fully drained. If the battery is drained completely it will go into a malfunction state. You can review the history of all trouble alerts in the IQ Panel message center, the envelope icon at the top right corner of the panel.


We hope you found the source of your low battery beep!


Jeffrey Brandon

Project Supervisor, Select Security



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