Home security gets more advanced every year. Innovative solutions now allow you to control features remotely and program automations that make your life easier. Geo fencing technology is one of those features that can give you more peace of mind. Here are a few examples of how you can use the geo services of a smart home security system.


But before we get to that, let’s start with the basics…what is a geo fence? Using the location services on your smartphone you set a location like your home address and specify a radius around that location…like a virtual fence. Your security system’s app uses your phone’s location services to know if you have crossed that virtual fence. This allows you to set up location-based alerts and automations!


geofence alert back door left openNever Forget to Lock the Door or Arm Your Security System

If you set up a geofence around your home, you can program alerts and automations to protect yourself from a forgetful mind. With our increasingly busy schedules it’s easy to get distracted. Have you ever left home and then wonder if you closed the garage door? No worries, here are a few simple automations you can program using geo fencing.

  1. Arm your system
  2. Send you a notification
  3. Lock your doors
  4. Turn off the lights
  5. Close the garage door
  6. Adjust the thermostat to save energy while away


Just have everyone set up their smartphone with geo services and the system will know when all devices have left home.


Come Home to Comfort and Safety

Be greeted by your home automation system. Never come home to a dark home again. And no more scrambling for keys in the dark. Geofencing makes it easier to program and enjoy these automations.

  1. Turn on the entry light
  2. Disarm the security system
  3. Unlock the door
  4. Open the garage door


You can also program more than one geofence into your home automation. You may want to set up a geofence for work that triggers your smart thermostat to adjust the temperature. When you arrive home, your house will already be at the perfect temperature for your comfort!


Having the ability to turn on inside and outside lights is a great safety feature, so you aren’t surprised by anything or anyone in the dark as you enter your home.


Video Rules Based on Geo Services

Setting up video analytics triggers and receiving notifications of events is one of the best ways to give you more peace of mind. However, it can be unnecessary to receive certain alerts when you are home.


There is no need to have recorded clips of you walking around your home when you return from work. To avoid recording clips and receiving notifications when you are home you can set up rules to pause recording when you are within your home’s geo fence.


With so many great advances in home security and automation technology is now working for us. With a few simple steps to set up geofences, rules, automations, and notifications your system can make your life easier.



Upgrade your security today by utilizing the features you have available in the palm of your hand! Don’t have a smart home security system? Select SmartHome provides home security and automation technology that is ready for the future. Contact Select SmartHome today by completing our online form or call us at 844-735-3285.