Simplifying routine and reducing your worries is the best gift you can give yourself this Holiday season! A whole home system that integrates security, access control, and smart features is easier to add to your home than you think.


Just imagine…simplify arriving home by having your smart home know when you’re near and turn on the lights for you. Then use voice control from your car or phone to open the garage door, unlock the door, or disarm the system.


The Convenience of Smart Home Features

We seek convenience in other areas of our life in many ways. You subscribe to monthly deliveries of household supplies, pet food, or even wine and clothing to have what you need and want without having to take the time to think about re-ordering or worrying that your supplies are low.


Smart home features can give you the same convenience. By automating lights, thermostats, and locks you can leave home without worrying that you forgot something.


You can also check in on your home remotely with security cameras, answer the door with a video doorbell using two-way voice features, and unlock the door for guests if you’re running late. By having the power to control features of your home while on the go you can worry less about your home and focus more on having fun or working.


Home security is your monthly subscription for peace of mind.


One App for Everything

It’s easy to be lured by the convenience of cheap DIY smart home devices…but let’s step it up by choosing a quality system that allows you control all your devices from the same app with support and installation by the experts. You won’t regret choosing professional options instead of DIY. Why download a separate app for each device in your home when you can control everything from one centralized dashboard with integrations and automations triggered by other sensors and devices…

security app everything in one app

  • Alarm system

  • Security cameras

  • Video doorbell

  • Smart locks

  • Smart thermostat

  • Smart plugs, outlets and switches

  • Smart lights

  • Appliances and electronic devices

  • Blinds and shades

  • Home audio systems

  • Garage doors

  • Water valves


Save Time by Preventing the Unexpected with Smart Home Features

Smart home devices and automations can save you more time by preventing the unexpected. Your smart whole home system can recognize unexpected activity and alert you. By knowing a window is open it can adjust your thermostat to reduce energy waste, or it can let you know if you forgot to arm your system when you left home.


smoke detectorFire Detection and Protection

Not only can integrated smoke alarms save lives, but if you’re not home a professional monitoring service can alert emergency crews on your behalf saving precious time and which could result in less damage to your home and valuables. Being displaced by fire can cause undue hardships on your family and is a very stressful time. Although we hope it never happens, taking preventative measures could help ease some stress in the situation.


Smart thermostats can automatically shut off your heating and cooling system if an integrated smoke detector detects smoke, preventing harmful particles from being distributed throughout your home. This is helpful in the case of nearby building fires or wildfires.


Flood Detection and Prevention

Smart water valves in conjunction with flood sensors can be used to prevent costly damage that could result from hours of water leaking into your home from a burst pipe or overflowing appliance.


Prevent Home Invasions

Security cameras and alarms can prevent home intrusion just by being a deterrent, alert you of suspicious behavior around your home before a break in is attempted, or in the worst case scenario may assist in finding the burglar to expedite the process of recovering stolen items or prosecuting the criminal.


These unexpected activities can take away your valuable time. By investing in smart home technology, you can be prepared and avoid a larger catastrophe.