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Pet Safety Tips for Your Home

July 16th, 2019

For many people, pets are an important part of the family. It is our job to ensure they are safe, healthy and happy just like the rest of our two-legged family members. It’s easy to watch and care for them when we are home, but when we have to work or want to go on a trip and can’t take our furry friend with it’s important to have pet safety measures in place.


Smart home Pet safety tipsSafe Home Environment for Your Pet

Having a pet is much like having a child, you want to make sure your home is clean and all harmful objects and chemicals are out of reach. Dogs and cats both like to chew, make sure they don’t have access to wiring that could shock them if they bite it or sharp objects like kitchen knives or razors in the bathroom. Keep your cleaning supplies in a closed cabinet or closet that is not accessible.


Even if you think your items are safely out of reach, your animals may find ways to get them. Have multiple animals? Your cats may find new toys (like pens, food or paper) that is left on the counters and push it to the floor, making it a fun new toy for the dog as well. Ever heard the phrase “curiosity killed the cat”, we don’t want that happen!


If you have a new pet or an older pet, you might want to consider portioning off areas of your home to limit their access when away. Prevent older animals from going up and down steps to avoid an unfortunate fall that could injure them. Closing doors and installing baby gates are quick and easy ways to close off areas of your home. Close bathroom and laundry room doors to prevent them from getting access to tempting items to chew like that very enticing roll of toilet paper. Also consider investing in sturdy garbage cans for your kitchen and bathroom with lids to keep them away from harmful garbage and food scraps.


Alleviating Pet Boredom

When bored, our four-legged animals will seek out new adventures to keep themselves occupied. For cats this means exploring kitchen counters, tables and maybe climbing the curtains. Dogs will find new things to sniff and destroy. How many times have you come home to a dog bed that just magically exploded into a pile of stuffing, or worse yet, the sofa?!


There are safe toys for your pets that will keep them occupied when you are away. Things like treat dispensing toys are perfect and rewarding. This keeps their attention away from furniture, shoes or other objects we don’t want them to chew on. Be sure to follow toy safety instructions and hide all toys that are a safety hazard when used while unsupervised.


If you are in the process of training your pet or are adopting a new family member, you can use indoor security cameras to watch them when you are away. This is a great way to see how your pet reacts to being alone. Maybe they have separation anxiety or bark incessantly at people or cars passing your home. This are behaviors that may require more training to correct. Many indoor security cameras also have two-way voice features built in, so even when you are away from home you can give the “Fido, OFF!” command to get your dog off the furniture.


Planning for Emergency Evacuations for Your Pet

In case of fire, flood or other natural disaster you want to be prepared. If you live in an area prone to emergency evacuation, you should have an emergency bag packed and ready for your animal that includes food, water, medication and anything else you would need to take with if you had to leave in a hurry. Be sure to pack enough supplies for at least 5 days. If you have cats or other small pets, you should purchase appropriate pet carriers (one for each pet) so you can quickly and safely move them.


You can also post an animal rescue alert on your front door that would tell emergency responders that there are pets inside in case you’re away during the time evacuation.


You may want to consider carrying information about your pets in your wallet just in case you have an accident that prevents you from coming home and caring for your pets. This way someone will know there are pets in your home that will require care while you are unable to care for them. Include emergency contact information for someone other than yourself that can temporarily care for the animals in your absence.


To protect your animals from fire you can install monitored smoke detectors that would alert dispatchers to send fire crews to your home, even if you aren’t at home to alert them yourself.


Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in Your HomeAnimals Inside Sign for Emergency Responders

Is it safe to let strangers in your home when you are away? Much like a babysitter for your children, you may worry about the type of care your pet sitter or dog walker is providing for your animal. You may want to seek a professional or use a website that screens individuals or can provide you with a background check prior to hiring them.


Not only do you worry about the care they provide, but are they wandering your home? Will they find and steal valuable items? Or are they bringing strangers into your home that you didn’t give permission to be there? These are scary realities.


One way to give yourself some peace of mind is with a home alarm system. You can give your pet sitter or dog walker their own personal access code to disarm the alarm which can immediately alert you that they showed up. Disarm photos will show you who is in your home so you can verify they didn’t send their little sister instead of doing the job themselves.


Take it a step further with smart locks so you can lock your doors from anywhere if they forget to lock and arm the system when they leave. You can also install indoor security cameras so you can keep an eye on how they interact with your animal or what areas of the home they are accessing while they are there. All of these combined are a great way to keep your home and pet safe when hiring a pet sitter or dog walker.




If you are interested in implementing some of these safety suggestions and keeping an eye on your animals while you are away contact Select SmartHome today about installing a home alarm system that will protect your pets and property. Our home security experts will help you customize a security system that will work for your lifestyle. Call us today at 844-735-3285 or start building your security system online today.








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Pet Safety Tips for Your Home
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Pet Safety Tips for Your Home
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