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Preventing False Alarms with Your Home Security System

February 24th, 2020

False alarms are annoying and can be costly. False alarms use valuable resources of our emergency responders and can even delay them from getting to a real emergency. Depending on your local regulations, a false alarm may cause you to be fined by your local police department. So, we have some helpful tips to prevent this from happening…


Kid Disarming System1. Review the Arm/Disarm Procedure with All Family Members and Visitors

Be sure to do this as soon as your system is installed and review this information periodically with family members who use the alarm less frequently.


If you have guests coming into town, contractors doing work while you are away, or pet sitters checking in on your furry friend be sure to train them on how to use your alarm system, so they don’t trigger a false alarm.


2. Choose A Memorable Keypad Code and Verbal Passcode

Your keypad code should be something that can’t be easily guessed. Avoid using you phone number, address or anything a burglar could obviously guess like “1234”. But be certain that when you need it you will remember your code. Every person in your household should have their own unique keypad code and verbal passcode so it is more memorable for them and this will also show you more detailed activity in your home about who is coming and going. The verbal passcode will be important if an alarm is triggered and you need to cancel the alarm by speaking with your security company.


3. Test Your Equipment in Test Mode

You should periodically test your alarm system equipment to make sure that alarms are being triggered when they are supposed to. But before testing it…make sure you call your alarm company to put the system into test mode so the alarms that are triggered are not being transmitted to your monitoring station and local emergency responders.


4. Move Objects Away from Motion Detectors

Be sure you keep lightweight objects like hanging signs, flags, and curtains away from motion detectors. Slight breezes caused by drafts or vents could cause these objects to move, triggering an alarm. You can learn more about what motion detectors are available in our recent article.


5. Change Low Batteries

Battery failures in alarm sensors can cause false alarms, so be sure to replace batteries when you are notified with a low battery warning on your alarm panel.


6. Use Pet Friendly Motion Detectors if You Have Pets

There are pet friendly motion detectors available to avoid having you pet trigger a false alarm. When you purchase your security system be sure to tell your salesperson or technician about any pets that you have in your home including their weights. Your security company will help you choose the right sensors based on the needs of your household. We know keeping your pets safe is important to you, check out our article on pet safety and security tips.




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