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Protect Your Security System’s Online Account from Intruders

June 23rd, 2020

Your security system can protect your home from intruders…and your passwords and passcodes can protect your security system’s online account. You don’t want to make it easy for hackers to gain access to your online security account. Luckily, keeping your account secure is easy! We have a few best practice tips on choosing and updating security account passwords and setting up your account so it stays secure.


Choose the Right Password for Your Online Account

This is one of the most critical steps towards making sure any online account stays secure. Follow these tips to help choose secure password:


  • Avoid Obvious Choices – don’t use the name of your dog, your last name or street address. These are easy to guess. It should be memorable for you but not something someone can easily observe or find out about you online.

  • Add Special Characters – by using a combination of upper and lower case, numbers and symbols you make your password harder to guess

  • Use a Unique Password – never use the same password for more than one account. If one account gets hacked that compromises your whole network of online accounts.


If you think your account is compromised you should change your password immediately, but don’t write it down and place it on a sticky note on your computer monitor. If you have a large number of online accounts or have a hard time remembering your passwords, finding yourself constantly resetting them, try using a secure password manager on your computer.


Set Up Two-Factor Authentication

Whenever possible you want to enable two-factor authentication on your online accounts. This provides an additional layer of security. A simple second step to the login process keeps your home even safer. Simply receive a one-time text message with a unique security code to verify that it’s you!


Do Not Share Your Password

Your security system can be set up with multiple user. Never share your password. Instead, create a new user and have them choose their own secure password using the tips above so they can access the account.


By adding additional users, you now also have the ability to track who is logging into the system and when. You can also set up user privileges in your account so they can’t make changes to certain features unless you want them to.


Consider Using User Codes Rather Than Account Logins

user cheat codes disarm photo security

Certain people that access your home, like sitters, handyman, and your friend from out of town, don’t need access to your online account. Rather, give them a user code that allows them to simply access door locks or disarm the system.


Use a unique user code for everyone that needs it so you can be alerted of exactly who is entering your property. If a sitter only needs access on certain days of the week or times of the day you can restrict the ability to unlock or disarm outside of this timeframe. User codes can also be set to expire, so if you are traveling and someone is watching your home you can easily give them access for only the time frame during which you are gone.


If your system also has disarm photo capabilities like the SmartHome IQ Panel you can get photo alerts of who entered to make sure they aren’t accompanied by someone else and the system will recognize when there is an unexpected face using the code. Now that’s peace of mind!


Give users only the access they need, nothing more. This helps protect your home even more.


Choosing the Right User Code for Locks and Disarming

Just like we discussed with your password, choosing a secure user code is just as important. Don’t make it easy for intruders by using 1234 as your smart lock code. Again, this should be something easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess. Things NOT to use would be years for events such as birth years and graduations, your street address, the last four digits of your phone number. All of these things can easily be looked up, especially if you have them listed on your social media accounts.

select security failed log in attempt email notification

Set Up Activity Alerts

Just like the alerts you receive from your video or alarm triggers, you can also set up alerts for your account. Know immediately when someone logs into the account or unsuccessfully tries to log in. System event alerts like these can give you more peace of mind that your account is safe from hackers or would be thieves.



Do you have concerns about the security of you online accounts? Select SmartHome chooses to partner with manufacturers and service providers that have the most reliable and secure equipment! With the few basic tips above you can rest assured that you home is safe! Are you interested in learning more about updating the latest smart home security solution? Contact Select SmartHome today by calling 844-735-3285.






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