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Reduce Your Anxiety With Real Security

April 5th, 2019

We all find ways to comfort ourselves to reduce the anxiety of daily life. With the rise of the anxiety economy there are a growing number of products aimed at reducing stress, achieving mindfulness and increasing focus. The anxiety economy is created by the consumer market for goods marketed around reducing anxiety. The market is inundated with products like squishy stress balls, fidget spinners, salt lamps, adult coloring books and weighted blankets…I bet you have one of these items within reach right now. Anxiety doesn’t necessarily mean you have a disorder that can be diagnosed. It has simply become a part of life that we can all identify with. Juggling work and family can be stressful enough making it hard to calm your mind and relax.


We are all going to head to the store to purchase our gravity blanket and salt lamp so we can sleep tonight, right? No. Why not make a purchase that makes life easier and will truly make you relax.

Weighted Blanket vs. Home Security System

Unlike a gravity blanket, a home security system is a blanket that protects your home whether you are there are not. The deep pressure stimulation that weighted blankets offer only works when you are under the blanket. Having a professional home security company install and monitor your home security can give you greater peace of mind. That gravity blanket won’t prevent home intrusions or notify the fire company if smoke is detected. By hiring a trusted, reputable company you can put the weight of your home’s security on the pros. With 24/7 monitoring you can rest assured that your home and family is being protected.

Fidget Spinner vs. Remote Monitoring

Are the kids home from school? Let’s pull that fidget spinner out from the desk drawer to distract your mind from the real cause of concern. Or, we can pull out our cell phone and watch our home security cameras in real time. Remote monitoring allows you to see that the kids are safely working on their homework in the kitchen (or more likely, eating those messy cheese puffs on the sofa while watching TV). The rise of the anxiety economy has created a variety of products that temporarily distract our minds from the real issues at hand. But, the second you stop fidgeting with your plastic toy the real concerns are still there.

Adult Coloring Books vs. Programming Alerts

Is your mind overloaded? Crazy day at work? Sure, you could open up the adult coloring book for a few minutes for mindful relaxation. Or, spend some time programming your home scenes for the relaxing date night tonight. Set up alerts so you aren’t worrying about whether or not you locked the front door when you leave for work. Home security systems may not help with achieving mindfulness, but they certainly can help reduce some of the underlying thoughts that are distracting you. Our minds are cluttered with information incoming from every direction making it difficult to be more mindful.


We can all achieve a better sense of calm and protection by taking a few simple steps to protect our home and family. Concerns about your home security do not need to be another cause for anxiety in your life. Instead of purchasing a false sense of security or temporary distractions you can make an investment in a real home security system that will save you time, reduce anxiety and help you relax.


Select Security is one of the most trusted security system providers for homes and businesses. Enjoy some peace of mind and let the professionals install and monitor the security system that fits your needs and addresses your security concerns. No need to grab the unicorn stress ball, call a home security professional today to start the process. Our team will help you every step of the way so while you are at the yoga studio tonight you have less to worry about. Namaste.

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