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Security Tips for New Homeowners

March 13th, 2020

Buying a new home can be an exciting, yet daunting task. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or moving to a new home there are always things to keep an eye out for and double-check to make sure your property is safe and secure. Some initial concerns can be resolved with simple solutions that can make your life easier and your home more efficient.


Kwikset Smart LockDoor Locks

Replace exterior locks or have them rekeyed. Using a smart lock allows you to give access to all members or your family or guests without ever having to hide a key or worry about getting locked out. You can even set times for certain people to access your home, directly from your smartphone.


Install deadbolts in all exterior doors. It’s easy for intruders to force entry into a standard door lock. A deadbolt provides a longer steel bolt that slides into the door frame making it more difficult for an intruder to push through the door. When installing a deadbolt make sure your door frames are solid and not rotting.


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Check batteries in smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. By installing monitored fire safety devices your home is protected even if you aren’t there to hear the alarm.


Water Valves

Locate all water shut off valves. In case of a leaky faucet or burst pipe, you want to know where the water shut off valves are. Also, make sure they work. Old valves may be seized preventing you from shutting them off in case of an emergency. Have a licensed plumber replace old valves with new reliable ones. You could consider integrating a smart water valve with a security system so the water can be shut off remotely or automatically based on triggers.



Check window locks especially those on the ground level. While you are checking the windows, make sure they easily open. Older windows with dirty slides may be difficult or impossible to open, this can be a safety risk if a house fire ever occurred and you would need to quickly exit out the window.


Another safety tip is making sure you have curtains or blinds installed. They are more than decorative elements. They will give you and your belongings privacy. Large windows are nice for letting light in, but windows with a straight view to the street also give intruders an opportunity to spot valuable items that would be worth stealing.


You can install window sensors so you will know if a window opens unexpectedly or alert you if a window is left open when your alarm system is armed. You can even set your smart thermostat to adjust temperature accordingly to save on heating and cooling costs in the event a window is left open for an extended period.


Heating and Cooling System

Get your heating and cooling equipment serviced and your chimneys inspected. Neglected equipment could be inefficient and costing you money, or even worse, could cause carbon monoxide to back up into the house. Find a trusted local service technician that can do seasonal tune-ups that can help you identify problems early and prevent costly damage and repair.



Get to know your new neighbors. They may become a trusted resource for watching your home if you are traveling. They may also alert you of suspicious activity around your home and you can do the same in return making your community safer. Consider joining online neighborhood groups where people are likely to report suspicious activity.



Trim your landscaping. Intruders often case a home before they break in to learn patterns of the homeowners or to learn weak access points. By eliminating overgrown shrubs and creating a clear visible path around your home you give them nowhere to hide.


smart lightbulbLights

Replace lightbulbs or install new outdoor light fixtures. A well-lit property is less appealing to criminals because they might be seen. Install motion-activated flood lights on the exterior of your home and your garage. You can even set porch lights or inside lights on a timer or have them triggered with a motion detector, so you never arrive home in the dark. Using smart lights on a timer is also a great way to make it appear that you are home even when you aren’t.


Home Security

Have a monitored home security system installed by professionals. Let the pros take care of evaluating your home’s security and installing equipment so it can properly communicate with your alarm panel and the central monitoring station. Smart home features make your life easier and life safety features give you peace of mind no matter where you are.



We hope you find this list helpful as you settle into your new home. Select SmartHome helps you identify which features will work best for you and your home to make it even smarter. Make your home work for you! Contact us today at 855-812-7356.





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