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Faster, Easier Response with Smart Signal from Select Security

September 21st, 2020

Smart home and business security and automation solutions offer many features that can help keep you and your property safer. Smart Signal is one of the features that comes with any Select Security system powered by Simply make sure you have the app installed on your smart device and you’ll have access to this feature when an alarm is triggered.


Let’s highlight the features and benefits of Smart Signal:


alarmcom Smart Signal Cancel Alarm in AppHow to Use Smart Signal

Two simple buttons will appear at the top of your app when an alarm is triggered. To use these buttons simply hold for 3 seconds to verify or cancel.  You will also be able to send a panic signal from your home or business if you discover an emergency yourself.


With the buttons easily visible in the app you can quickly check your live video feeds before you verify or cancel.


No more false alarms! Accidentally set off your security system? You can quickly cancel the alarm without talking to your central monitoring station or remembering a passcode. The cancel button lets us know that no further action is needed.


Smart Signal Availability

Smart Signal is a feature is available for any Select Security customer using and powered system and the mobile app. There is no additional charge, and no additional steps to set up.


You don’t have to cancel or verify an alarm through the app, your central monitoring station will respond to alarm signals if you don’t use the feature, but verifying the alarm can expedite emergency response by letting your central monitoring station know the threat is real.


Watch this video to learn more about Smart Signal…


If you don’t have an powered security system from Select Security you may be missing out on some great features that will make your life easier! Contact us today to learn about upgrading to a smarter home or business security system.

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