The sun is getting warmer, and the days are getting longer. We are ready to welcome spring with open arms! As there is more daylight and less freezing temperatures, more thieves will be out to make plans to target their next property. Before you get caught up in the busy plans for spring, take a few of these action items to spring clean your home security system.

1. Trimming Your Landscape:

Landscape is a very important part of keeping your property safe. Before you start Spring landscaping projects think about how the plants will affect your visibility. If you are adding shrubs and trees around your house, make sure they are constantly trimmed down and away from windows. You should be able to see out of your windows to keep you safe and secure.

2. Lock Check Routine:

When is the last time you went around your home checking every single lock? Take the time to check all doors around your home and even in areas like sheds or patios. Faulty locks can be a simple entry area for burglars. Replace all locks that aren’t in great condition. You could even upgrade your entry locks to be part of your home security system. Create pass codes for family members, baby sitters and the handy man so you know who is coming and going at all times.

3. Replace Batteries and Lightbulbs:

As you are cleaning your household, make sure you buy an extra pack of batteries. Take this time to go around to each smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector in your home and replace the batteries. This should be on your to-do list every 6 months. Also change any lightbulbs that may be out including ones on your porch and sheds.

4. Set Up Your Security Notifications and Rules:

During Spring, not only is the weather changing, but also your family. Do your children have more responsibilities? Did your teenager recently get a driver’s license? All these family changes could lead to new rules in your household. Luckily with your Select SmartHome security system you can set up notifications and rules to fit your lifestyle.

Here are some of the areas you can set up notifications:

Front door opens: To get notified when your kids get off school or home from a practice. This is also a great to make sure your teenagers are following curfew!

Driveway notifications: Know when a car is idling longer than usual near your driveway. Perfect for new drivers or when you are away from your home on vacation.

Not arming/locking: Busy morning? Sometimes forgetting to arm your system or even remembering to shut your garage door can be a difficult task. When you exit a certain radius you will receive a notification if you did not lock your door so you can quickly fix the mistake.

Scenes: Set up different scenes and scenarios on the app to fit your activities and hobbies. Including bedtime, girl’s night, date night and even playtime. These scenes control multiple areas of your home including doors, music and electronics.

After spring cleaning your security, you will be starting fresh with new initiatives to keep not only your home safe, but your family. Learn more about Select SmartHome and how you can create a home awareness system that fits your lifestyle. Contact us today at 844-SELECT-5.